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Employer branding is on the rise and here’s why you should care

Somewhere along the line, we let employer branding get wrapped up in a stigma of being fluffy, treating it as an afterthought once the consumer brand is sorted. When people hear ‘employer branding’ their minds leap to thinking about the values, the mis…

Deal of the Year: Accenture buys Droga5

Equipping Accenture with a desirable talent pool and client roster, the deal shows how easily the consultancy is using its economic muscle to close the creativity gap with traditional agency rivals.

Executive of the Year: Andrea Zahumensky, KFC

As CMOs everywhere face a “desperate fight for survival,” KFC’s U.S. marketing chief has helped successfully transform the QSR into a lifestyle brand through outsized campaigns.

87% of Brits back tougher rules on political advertising

Polling body YouGov has conducted a review of general election advertising, uncovering a morass of “illegal, indecent, dishonest and untruthful” campaign literature, as new research shows 87% of the public back tougher rules on enforcing factual claims…