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Getting to ‘acceptance’ over the death of the cookie

With the impending end of cookies, data-driven marketers know this transition time is crucial to plan long-term strategies. But some brands are lagging behind their competitors, even though the industry has been predicting this privacy shift for some time. The answer...

CMOs: Collaborate with finance to prove marketing’s value

For many, it’s tough out there right now: record unemployment, whole industries shut down, business plans turned upside down. It’s not hard to find examples in the marketing industry, with Airbnb, Coca-Cola, Kohl’s, Zillow Group and Marriott stopping or cutting their...

Measure twice, cut what?

Downturns don't always doom your bottom line. Building strong measurement strategies through data can help you base decisions on adjusting spend while helping your company adapt and thrive, writes Analytic Partners' Nancy Smith.