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Why Google needs to have the answers

In 2018, being number one isn’t enough, at least as far as search is concerned. While the competition has historically been between brands fighting for a top position in search results, it’s no longer the only way to get in front of your audience – and…

NUJ warns of UK newspaper duopoly as CN Group joins Newsquest

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has issued a warning that Trinity Mirror and Newsquest may form a newspaper duopoly over the regions of the UK due to the rate that they are acquiring newsbrands.
The declaration comes in response to Newsquest’s …

Stop fixing, start exploring

Let’s start from the beginning.
Fight or flight?
These two essential survival instincts hardwired deep into human brains served our ancestors well. They ensured only the fittest homo sapiens would survive in order to pass on their most useful genetic t…

Business on the Move:, MG, Betvictor, and more

Welcome to The Drum’s Business on the Move section, where we collate agency account wins, reviews, agency launches, rebrands and acquisitions.
Agency wins
Online dating site has appointed MediaCom UK to its UK media account, ending its relati…