Sunday, July 21, 2024
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    Video: Why Did India’s Koo Shut Down? Lessons for Social Media Innovators

    On July 3, the Indian Twitter alternative Koo announced that it was shutting down after failed acquisition discussions. The company’s co-founder, Mayank Bidawatka, posted on LinkedIn that the company had explored partnerships with multiple internet platforms and media houses, but the talks didn’t lead to any outcome. He explained that most companies did not want to deal with user-generated content and the wild nature of a social media platform. 

    MediaNama Founder-Editor Nikhil Pahwa observes, “The real question is, what are they bringing to the table that is a differentiator? Koo was almost a copy-paste of Twitter. It could have had longer text, but is that really a key differentiator? Facebook has tried to compete with Twitter by launching Threads. But I signed up for Threads, hung around for a couple of days, I’m also on Twitter and decided that there’s nothing new here. I don’t want to read the same messages to the same people on the same platform. What is it that Threads is doing differently? In the same way, what is it that Koo was doing differently? Where is the product innovation? Where is the product differentiation? Where is a different use case?”

    What led to Koo’s failure? What are the challenges ahead for anyone seeking to create a social media platform in India? MediaNama’s Kamya Pandey spoke to Pahwa to understand the situation and explore these questions in depth.

    Watch the full video to know more:

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