Sunday, July 21, 2024
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    Video: Religious Jokes and AI: Understanding the #ShameOnMetaAI Controversy

    Last week, microblogging platform X was flooded with the hashtag #ShameOnMetaAI, and people were posting screenshots of their interactions with the AI, which had just been released in the country. In these screenshots, they were asking the AI to make jokes about religious figures, and some of the users found that the AI was declining to crack jokes on Prophet Muhammad. But the other screenshots that were posted showed that jokes were being made about him as well. 

    MediaNama tried this experiment and found the same inconsistency in our results that the users were finding in theirs. In this video, Kamya Pandey speaks to MediaNama Founder-Editor Nikhil Pahwa, to understand what should tech companies be doing to ensure that their AI is generating accurate results, how should responsibility be divided for the results that an AI chatbot is creating between developers and users, and how does this impact the conversations around AI regulation in India.

    Watch the full video here:

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