Sunday, July 21, 2024
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    MediaNama integrates AI (in Beta)

    I’m really excited to announce the rollout of our very first integration of Generative AI in MediaNama in beta. Below each MediaNama article, you’ll see a tab or button called “Explainer.” Clicking on this tab generates a concise explainer in Q&A format for every story we publish.

    We’re calling this product Tabber AI, and work on version 2 will begin shortly.

    We’ll roll out other AI-based use cases shortly, and in case there’s a use case that you would prefer, do let me know. Tabber AI is in live beta, and we’re testing to see how it takes a large volume of usage and would appreciate feedback (I’m at, in case you face any issues with it. 

    We chose not to integrate a chatbot because our understanding is that for a vast majority of users, looking at a chatbot is like looking at a blank page and wondering what to write. The ability to draft instructions and get high-quality outputs also varies.

    Instead, we’re using Generative AI at the back end to deliver high-quality outputs. For example, at MediaNama, we prioritise depth of writing, and just in case you want a shorter version or an explainer, you just need to click on the Explainer tab for a quick read that is formatted as a Q&A. We’re saving you from the tedium of scrolling through articles to find key information, the time taken to copy-paste the text of a story into a chatbot for a specific type of summary, and the need to draft instructions to get a high-quality output.

    We’ll roll out our next tab in the coming few days and hope that you will send your feedback to help us improve the output to serve you better. 

    There are, however, a few things:

    1. AI-generated outputs are unreliable and you still need to check for factual accuracy, consistency, and quality. Consider the AI output as a first draft that you need to work with and need to validate, if you’re using it for your work. We’ve tried our best to ensure that it doesn’t add additional information from the web, but it might do that despite the instructions.
    2. At present, each output will be different, because each time you press the tab, a new output is generated. We will eventually address this.
    3. The AI output generated is covered by our updated terms of use.
    4. Depending on the costs of AI usage, we might choose to take the AI features behind a pay-as-you-go model.

    We hope that these integrations will transform your usage of MediaNama. I’d like to thank a few people for helping us build this: Allwin Agnel, founder of PagalGuy, for his guidance as our voluntary CTO for this project; Knovator, our developers; Chaitanya C, co-founder of Ozonetel, who has been like an AI mentor for me; and ChatGPT/OpenAI, which I used to create the very first product plan for this using a custom chatbot. There are more products being conceptualized as we speak.


    1. We’re also doing AI-related trainings. In case you’d like to request one for your organisations, please email

    2. I’m planning to hold another AI for journalists workshop. Let me know your preferences here.

    3. We’re planning an AI and tech policy workshop. Let us know what you’d like, here.

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