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    Hollywood Film Crews Union Reaches Agreement With Studios on AI, Fair Pay

    The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), which represents Hollywood’s film and technical crew members, have reached a tentative three-year deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), that represents organizations such as Disney and Netflix, as per a Reuters news report. The deal encompasses issues such as agreed-upon pay hikes and guardrails against the use of generative AI.

    What is the Significance of the Deal?

    The deal, the Hollywood Basic Agreement, which has been in the process of negotiation since March 5, 2024, covers approximately 50,000 crew members based primarily in Los Angeles, as per The Hollywood Reporter. While it still needs to be subjected to a ratification vote, which has not yet been scheduled, the IATSE has shared some details about the tentative agreement. According to the body, it has been engaging in negotiations with the AMPTP about Artificial Intelligence (AI), which was seen as a major point of discussion.

    The IATSE and AMPTP have agreed to institute “new protections” against the use of AI, which include “language that ensures no employee is required to provide AI prompts in any manner that would result in the displacement of the covered employee.” Additionally, the provisional contract would raise the wages of crew members by 7 per cent in its first year, 4 per cent in the second year and 3.5 per cent in the third year.

    However, the IATSE has not provided all details about the terms of the agreement and would do so at a later date, while a full copy of the document would be released within a period of two weeks.

    What has been the Film Industry’s Stance on AI in the Past?

    Many Hollywood artists have been skeptical about the use of generative AI. In September 2023, the Writers Guild of America (WGA), a labor union for writers in the film, television, radio and online media, reached a tentative Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA), also with the AMPTP. This agreement stated that companies under the AMPTP would not be able to use AI to write or rewrite literary material and that AI- generated material would not be considered source material, implying that it could not be used to undermine a writer’s rights or compensation. It additionally prohibited material created under the MBA by the guild from being used to train AI tools.

    Similarly, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) reached a tentative agreement with record labels, addressing concerns regarding AI-generated music and mandating clear consent from and compensation to music artists before digitally replicating their voice.

    Interestingly, the Indian film industry has had a more positive approach towards AI, with filmmakers expressing opinions on how AI could increase efficiency on sets or help newcomers and small creators, while also emphasizing the need for an ethical use of AI, alluding to the US Writers’ Protest.

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