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    The doctor down under: Artemis Media’s Celia Tait on working with Michael Mosley for SBS

    The death of Dr Michael Mosley shocked friends, colleagues and the millions of people he reached through his TV series and books.

    The loss was felt deeply in Australia where Mosley had become a go-to creator of content for SBS. There seemed to be a few years where a week didn’t go by without one of his series, first run or a repeat, running in primetime.

    The SBS On Demand service has curated a special collection of Dr Michael Mosley programming. On Wednesday 3 July at 7.35pm the primary channel will broadcast the BBC tribute program Michael Mosley: The Doctor Who Changed Britain. He had a big impact in this country too.

    Producing his Australian programs commissioned by SBS was Perth-based indie production business Artemis Media.

    The doctor down under: Artemis Media’s Celia Tait on working with Michael Mosley for SBS

    Michael Mosley on location in My Isa for Artemis Media.
    Top: Michael Mosley with Celia Tait.

    Mediaweek this week spoke with founder Celia Tait about how the partnership started and what Mosley meant to the company.

    “I first met Michael over 40 years ago when he was at medical school in London,” Tait told Mediaweek. “We both pursued careers in broadcasting – him at the BBC, and me initially in ITV, and later in Australia with my production company Artemis.”

    It wasn’t until some time later they started to work together.

    “In 2019 after Michael left the BBC we began to work together. The first series was Australia’s Health Revolution with Dr Michael Mosley which explored reversing type 2 diabetes through diet.

    “The second series was Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Dr Michael Mosley. We partnered with the brilliant team at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health at Flinders University, instigating a ground-breaking sleep trial.”

    The first of two series made by Artemis Media

    Filming in Australia started during Covid

    Tait explained that Mosley came to Australia to film with Artemis Media twice.

    “The first time he and his wife Clare faced quarantine in a Perth hotel for two weeks due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. Western Australia was about the only place in the world with closed borders. Once out of quarantine Michael was astonished at the relative freedom we all had which allowed us to film the series with few restrictions.

    “Michael joined the inspirational Ray Kelly to assist our cast to reverse their type 2 diabetes. He was particularly pleased to visit the Pilbara and to meet the traditional owners the Ngarluma people in Roeburne.

    “Two years later Michael was back to film our second series on sleep, based at Flinders University in Adelaide. Alongside participants who were all living with chronic sleep issues, Michael took part in the study, receiving a dramatic diagnosis and undergoing a successful treatment program.

    Michael Mosley was a ‘one-take wonder’

    “Our shoot intersected with a national talk tour that Michael and wife Clare were doing. We juggled our shoots in and around that. Michael had an extraordinary ability to absorb the day’s focus for work at breakneck speed, and was a one-take wonder. His professionalism and understanding of the craft of creating documentary were a huge asset on a fast-paced shoot, helping us navigate the limited time we had with him. He always had time for our participants, connecting with them during a time of great vulnerability.”

    Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Dr Michael Mosley. Pictured with Dr Sutapa Mukherjee, director Russel Vines and DOP Harvey Hogan

    Cast and crew working with Michael Mosley in Australia

    Health Revolution – Series Producer Nia Pericles and Series Director Russell Vines
    Sleep Revolution  – Series Producer Katherine Barratt and Series Director Russell Vines
    Katrina Tudor – Senior Researcher
    Celia Tait – Executive Producer

    Production highlights: Health Revolution

    Tait explained Mosley was thrilled hearing about the first reversal of type 2 diabetes in participant Charlie.

    She added he also enjoyed going bush with locals Lyn and Marian to Yindjibarndi country looking for bush tucker. “Michael had just finished two weeks of eating a typical Australian diet including hearty serves of junk food. He was on day one of starting a diet to restrict his eating to 800 calories. He was really wiped out that day. Lyn and Marian looked after him.”

    Production highlights: Sleep revolution

    Tait: “Michael travelled to Federal Parliament with Flinders University Sleep physicians Dr Sutapa Mukherjee and Professor Danny Eckert. He monitored the sleep and health markers of four MP’s including Barnaby Joyce and Jackie Lambie at the beginning and ending of a 10-day parliament sitting. The health results were striking and Michael used this to push the political agenda to get sleep recognised as a critical pillar of health.”

    Australia’s Sleep Revolution helped politicians get better rest. Mosley with Barnaby Joyce (top) and Jacqui Lambie

    ‘We feel privileged to have worked with him’

    In the days immediately following confirmation of the death of Dr Michael Mosley, Artemis Media released this statement:

    We are so shocked and saddened by the tragic passing of Dr Michael Mosley. Michael Mosley had a rare talent. His energy, spirit, and intelligence touched millions of people around the globe, and he affected real change in their lives. We feel privileged to have worked with him over many years.

    The two TV series that we made together helped to amplify the health messages he was so excited to share, and this, in turn, affected many changes in Australia. In Australia’s Health Revolution he demonstrated how to reverse type 2 diabetes, and alongside Ray Kelly Fitness, helped to get this broadly acknowledged. In Australia’s Sleep Revolution Michael took part in a ground-breaking sleep trial conducted at Flinders University, demonstrating that their new approach to diagnosis and treatment works.

    We will miss him – his energy, wisdom, ‘can do’ attitude, big chuckle, and relatable addiction to chocolate. Our thoughts are with Dr Clare Bailey and the Mosley family. We hope that they can take some comfort in knowing just how much Michael inspired people. The recent outpouring of love, gratitude, and respect from around the globe is a testimony to Michael, and will ensure that his legacy lives on.

    Monday: The lost Dr Michael Mosley interview tape. Recorded during a BBC Sydney promo visit in 2016. Only in Mediaweek.

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