Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    New TRAI Directives mandate user-friendly spam reporting and monthly compliance reports

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued directions mandating that telecom companies must improve the user-friendliness of their mobile apps and web portals to make it easier for users to report spam and set their preferences for who they wish to receive commercial communication from. The authority further states that essential details of the complaint should automatically be populated if the user has granted the telco’s app permission to access their call logs and other relevant data. 

    These directions are being issued under the Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2018 (TCCCPR-2018). Under the TCCCPR 2018, TRAI has sought to develop a new system to curb unsolicited commercial communications (UCC) or spam. 

    The reason behind these directives:

    TRAI mentioned that when it analyzed the systems put in place for reporting spam and setting customer preferences, it found that:

    • Telcos’ web portals/apps lack a direct option or hyperlink at a prominent location on the Main/Home page for registering complaints and setting preferences/consent for commercial communications.
    • Customers have to manually enter information such as the number making the spam call, the date of the call, and a description of the call when complaining about a spammer. This is not only inconvenient but at times results in entering incorrect details making the complaint invalid.

    The directions have been issued to rectify these issues. 

    What else do the directions say?

    Under the TCCPR, TRAI issued directives in 2021 asking telcos to submit quarterly performance monitoring reports. These reports were required to have data separate data for each month. However, as per the new directions, telcos will now be required to submit performance monitoring reports monthly for more granular monitoring.

    The regulator also mentioned that it found that there is a lack of uniformity in how telcos fill out different entries in their reports. Further, some information necessary to analyze complaints handling is not available in the reports being submitted. As such, TRAI has expanded the details telcos must mention in performance monitoring reports. As such, the regulator argues that—

    • It is necessary to obtain additional information as part of the performance monitoring reports to effectively monitor the overall performance of the measures taken by telcos to curb spam.
    • The report may be segregated regarding complaints received about registered telemarketers, unregistered telemarketers, and the communication channels that have been penalized (by blacklisting or disconnection) for repeatedly engaging in unregistered telemarketing activities.

    Telecom companies have to submit monthly performance monitoring reports within ten days from the end of each calendar month starting from July 2024. 

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