Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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    Group Behind Ransomware Attack on UK Hospitals Publishes Sensitive Medical Data on Darknet

    Russian cybercriminal group Qilin, which orchestrated a ransomware attack on the servers of a UK-based pathology service provider Synnovis that also works in partnership with the UK’s National Health Service, published the stolen data on their darknet website, according to a June 21 BBC news report. The group put approximately 400GB of confidential patient data, including names, dates of birth and descriptions of blood tests, on their website.

    Qilin was behind the ransomware attack on Synnovis servers that occurred on June 3, 2024, according to Ciaran Martin, a cybersecurity expert and former head of the National Cyber Security Center. The attack severely disrupted medical services in several major London hospitals under the NHS. The cybercriminal gang had accessed a large amount of sensitive patient data, which they have now published, by encrypting Synnovis’ servers and were using the threat of publication to demand a payment in bitcoin.

    Previous Incidents of Ransomware Attacks in Healthcare

    The UK had faced a similar attack on its NHS servers during the May 2017 Wannacry Ransomware Attack which had targeted government agencies and large organizations in several countries.

    In India as well, the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMs), Delhi, faced a ransomware attack in November 2022, which was considered extremely worrying due to the disruption in critical care services and the sensitive nature of personal medical information present in the AIIMs database. The attack on the hospital led to concerns about the data of nearly 3-4 crore patients being compromised, as well as highlighting the need for a national cybersecurity strategy, which the Indian government has been discussing since 2019 for critical sectors including health. The hackers in this attack were allegedly foreign state actors, who reportedly demanded Rs. 200 crore in ransom, although the ransom demand was refuted by the Delhi police.

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