Friday, July 19, 2024
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    Jasmin Bedir: This too, shall not pass

    By Jasmin Bedir, CEO of Innocean

    Dearest gentle reader…

    Yes, I’ve been bingeing Bridgerton, because Bridgerton is life. And it is currently my guilty pleasure, because this author needed an escape from the endless Cannes LinkedIn and Instagram posts filled with self-love and champagne, whilst I’m regretting all of my life choices in 10 degrees Sydney with no central heating and single glazing. If someone can explain the economics behind this to me, I’ll buy you dinner.

    Things have been hotting up in Cannes, and AI is the subject of all the sordid gossip-mongering.

    But also in closer geographies, like the beautiful Brisbane, where I had the honour to co-host the Design Conference and an entire panel session on Generative AI. The discussion and feedback is in line with what I’m reading and hearing from the Cote D’Azur and it’s leaving me somewhat bewildered.

    There are basically two camps:

    There is the late Gen X-Y and Boomery world of creatives singing from the wishful “it’s just a tool” songsheet and comparing it to the time when we had to deal with Social Media coming to the industry (LOL). I guess when you’re nearing the end of your career in this industry, a “this too shall pass” attitude to your work is somewhat understandable.
    But this shall not pass for those who are younger, and they know it. In the current cost-out economic environment, it is getting harder for creatives to express the value of their creative process to brands and clients – and copyright/IP issues are high on the long list of worries they are expressing.
    And clients, who see an opportunity to do more with less but are rightly concerned about governance issues with AI.
    These are real and valid concerns. Meanwhile the creative “elite” thinks that wanging on about AI is entirely unnecessary if you just make good work or purchase a Cannes edition tote bag for 25 Pounds.
    Right, I’m going back to Bridgerton.
    Yours truly.

    Top image: Jasmin Bedir

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