Friday, July 12, 2024
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    OpenAI and Color Health develop Copilot for Cancer Care

    Color Health, an organization dealing with cancer diagnosis and care, informed that it was working with OpenAI and that the two have developed a copilot application that uses OpenaAI’s GPT-4o model. The application allows healthcare providers to make “evidence-based decisions” about cancer screening and treatment by helping them identify missing diagnostics and create tailored treatment plans for their patients, OpenAI’s blog informed. The two companies started working together in 2023.

    How does the Copilot work?

    The copilot uses GPT-4o’s Application Program Interface (APIs) to integrate patient data with existing clinical knowledge. This feature could enable the creation of customized treatment plans for patients by their healthcare providers to review and use.

    According to OpenAI, the copilot provides functions such as extracting, processing, and normalizing patient information. This data is used to answer questions that help identify missing diagnostics and generate a personalized screening plan. This output is then reviewed by a clinician. Additionally, the company stated that the copilot would improve the efficiency and accuracy of pre-visit charting for patients, reducing the time taken to initiate cancer treatment.

    Previous uses of and Concerns about the use of AI in Healthcare

    This is not the first time OpenAI has ventured into the healthcare field. Recently, in India, OpenAI collaborated with 10BedICU to develop three AI tools for patient data management: CARE Scribe for transcription, CARE Discharge Summary for record management and CARE Device Connect to integrate with older monitors.

    In another instance, Amazon launched AWS Health Scribe, a generative AI service that could analyze clinician-patient conversation audio to provide transcriptions of the conversations, identify the number of individuals in the examination room and attribute dialogues accordingly to the transcript.

    However, while these advancements seem to reduce the burden on medical staff and improve data management, they could also raise concerns about data privacy, AI accuracy and bias. Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT have at times been found to produce incorrect and biased information in their outputs.

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