Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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    Christian O’Connell launches mentoring service, Finding Fire

    Host of Melbourne’s GOLD 104.3 Christian O’Connell is launching his own mentoring service, Finding Fire.

    O’Connell will draw on his personal and professional experiences to host and facilitate fireside conversations with fellow seekers, makers, and leaders. The new venture aims to help individuals transform their lives by shifting from “stuckness” to a free-flowing stream of possibilities. 

    On why he wanted to launch Finding Fire, O’Connell said: “I’ve developed my own unique approach to supercharging everyday creativity and it allows us to rekindle the inner flame of our natural curiosity and wisdom, to amplify problem-solving, to get unstuck and light fuses to help launch our gifts into the world.

    “Following the response I had from readers in my last book after being vulnerable about my own struggles and from the speaking engagements I’ve gone on to do, it’s led me to create Finding Fire – where I’m building a community for fellow seekers, makers, and leaders with mentoring, courses, workshops, and podcasts.

    “Maybe even retreats. I’m lighting a small fire and this is your invite to come sit around it with me as we work to shift what may feel stuck in your life and turn it into a free-flowing stream of possibilities and potential.

    “My mission has always been to wake people up every morning; now, it’s also about igniting your inner fire to help you show up in your full power and creativity all day, every day.”

    The first offering from Finding Fire is ‘The Heart of Speaking,’ a live four-part online program with a session every fortnight across eight weeks.

    The course is designed to help participants awaken their truest voice and express themselves more authentically. O’Connell will share practical insights and techniques to help individuals find their true voice and connect with their inner creativity.

    Two mentoring groups will be available on launch, with one starting on 18 July and the second on 25 July.

    Top Image: Christian O’Connell

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