Thursday, July 25, 2024
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    Podcast Week: Podcast Ranker, Grand Gestures, The Dog Podcast

    New SBS podcast Grand Gestures gets to the heart of deep multicultural Australian relationships

    Comedian Lizzy Hoo is the host of SBS’s new podcast Grand Gestures, an interview podcast with 10 notable Australians re-telling family stories and speaking about the bonds they have with their grandparents.

    “Grand Gestures is like a warm hug from your grandparents – it’s full of warmth and stories that remind you of your own loved ones,” said Hoo.

    Podcast Week: Podcast Ranker, Grand Gestures, The Dog Podcast

    “Especially as we get older, we start to realise our grandparents are the keepers of all the family stories and histories.”

    Grand Gestures talks candidly about the triumphs and challenges of settling in Australia, the migrant experience, and multigenerational, cross-cultural family life.

    Guests will include Deni Hines, Alice Zaslavsky, Pia Miranda, Pat Abboud and Emily Wurramara, among others.

    [Listen to Grand Gestures here]

    Charlotte Bryan launches The Dog Podcast

    In the first episode, Charlotte Bryan and Jo Burton dive deep into the world of Freework, a new approach to canine education and well-being.

    Burton, who holds a diploma in canine communication and an advanced certificate in canine creative behaviour, shares her knowledge and experience in this field.


    The episode covers a range of topics, including: the concept of Freework, historical background, benefits for different life stages, dealing with behavioural issues and Freework set-up. 

    Burton emphasises the importance of giving dogs the choice to engage in activities and the positive impact this has on their overall well-being.

    [Listen to The Dog Podcast here]

    Fair Enough podcast by Lachlan and Jaxon Fairbairn to transition to MIK Made

    Australian comedy duo Lachlan and Jaxon Fairbairn, the creators behind the YouTube channel Fairbairn Films and the Spotify Original podcast Fair Enough, are making a move to MIK Studio for the third season of their podcast. 

    The move comes from the newly formed partnership between MIK Studios and Neuralle.

    Dylan Adams, head of audio at MIK Studio and content director at MIK Made, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “The boys have obviously been on our radar for some time now, and I’m such a personal fan of their content. When we heard they were looking for a new publisher and production partner it was a no-brainer”.

    Neuralle managing director, Jordan Michaelides, commented on the move away from Spotify: “The opportunity to build IP ownership on a show that their name on the tin was incredibly important for the boys. Dylan and the team at MIK have a strong belief in talent ownership which aligned with our goals and ultimately made us choose them over other networks.”

    The new iteration of the show is currently in development and aiming for an October Q4 2024 release.

    [Listen to Fair Enough here]

    Podcast Ranker May 2024: Top five steady, new interest in Hedley Thomas titles

    LiSTNR’s Hamish and Andy have again taken the hot spot in Commercial Radio and Audio (CRA) and Triton Digital‘s May Australian Podcast Ranker.

    The duo recorded 970,415 monthly listeners and 1,893,174 monthly downloads over five new episodes.

    Staying in second was iHeart’s Casefile True Crime, with 778,253 monthly listeners and 1,884,225 monthly downloads. 

    podcast ranker

    After debuting in third position last month, daily news podcast ABC News Top Stories held on to the position in its second month with 578,082 monthly listeners and 1,717,423 monthly downloads. 

    Rounding out fourth and fifth positions are Mamamia Out Loud and Shameless, with the top five remaining unchanged from the previous month. 

    The release of Hedley Thomas‘ new podcast, Bronwyn, has caused a spike in interest across his previous titles. The Teacher’s Trial re-entered the chart at #96; Shandee’s Story lifted 66 places to come in #120, The Teacher’s Pet rose 32 places to come in #121, and The Night Driver: re-entered the chart at #172.

    See also: Hedley Thomas on Bronwyn, and doing ‘more good with this sort of journalism than most’

    The Kyle & Jackie O Show topped radio catch-up podcasts, with a lift of three places bringing the duo to #6.

    See also: Podcast Ranker May 2024: Top five steady, new interest in Hedley Thomas titles

    Buzzsprout launches new podcast, Buzzsprout Weekly

    Buzzsprout Weekly delivers essential updates, insights, and practical tips designed to keep listeners at the forefront of all things podcasting.


    Each week, Buzzsprout discusses:

    • New releases from Buzzsprout: Discover the latest tools from Buzzsprout.
    • Industry insights: Updates on the latest podcasting trends and news.
    • Tips and tricks: Practical advice and best practices 
    • Events and meetups

    [Listen to Buzzsprout here]

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