Friday, July 12, 2024
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    Marketo’s June 2024 releases upgrade Interactive Webinars, Dynamic Chat Flows

    Marketo’s June 2024 releases upgrade Interactive Webinars, Dynamic Chat Flows

    Adobe Marketo’s June updates improve the functionality of the platform’s Interactive Webinars and Dynamic Chat Conversational Flows. Also this month comes word that LinkedIn LaunchPoint connections in Marketo will require re-authentication before Dec. 15, 2024.

    Templates for Interactive Webinars

    Marketo users now have the ability to create custom templates for room layouts in Interactive Webinars.

    Room templates are a great way to standardize the webinar experience for different types of digital engagements. With the June release, marketers can now customize which pods appear throughout the webinar and access Interactive Webinar templates from within the Marketo Design Studio. 

    Interactive webinars in Marketo.

    Why it’s a win: Interactive Webinars already have superior functionality with respect to webinar experience. Marketers can create visual layouts for chat, Q&A, screenshare, whiteboards, polls and more, which allow for a highly branded experience from webinar start to finish. This release makes it even easier to find and manage templates. 

    Conversational Flow cards

    Much like tokens in a Marketo program, marketers are now able to manage flow actions across Dialogues by using a Conversational Flow card. 

    Why it’s a win: Marketers no longer need to recreate the same flow across multiple Dialogues or edit each flow in each Dialogue. Conversational Flow cards allow marketers to create a flow, and then deploy it across Dialogues, saving time and minimizing errors. 

    Inferred fields data source

    Adobe is making minor changes to the inferred fields underlying data source. Person records created via form fill with no prior web activity will now use the same data source for Marketo inferred fields as the data sources used for other person-collection methods.

    Why it’s a win: Marketers will now see inferred data from the same source regardless of point of entry into Marketo. This will provide more consistent inferred data for marketers to use. 

    LinkedIn integration re-authentication

    Marketers using a LinkedIn LaunchPoint integration will need to re-authenticate their LaunchPoint service between July 26, 2024 and Dec. 15, 2024. You can find instructions on how to re-authenticate here for Lead Gen Forms and here for Matched Audiences. Integration functionality will not change.

    Why it’s a win: LinkedIn is improving the stability of its integration with Marketo. Re-authentication is a one-time step to migrating to the newer Marketo API versions.

    You can read the full release notes for Marketo Engage and for Dynamic Chat release notes.

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