Thursday, July 25, 2024
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    Podcast Week: New studios for Pro Podcast, Cocaine Inc, Picture Discuss

    Compiled by Tess Connery

    Pro Podcast opens new studio

    It’s a milestone week for Pro Podcast, celebrating the opening of two new podcast studios. Founded by Darcy Milne in 2016, Pro Podcast has helped over 300 people plan, create, and launch podcasts, including notable clients like LinkedIn, Lifeline,, Logan Paul, and more.

    This week, Pro Podcast opened two podcast studios and offices located at 70 Castlereagh Street Sydney.

    Milne said: “We are so excited to expand and offer new studios in the city’s heart, offering a space designed for comfort, rich content production, and collaboration.”

    [Find Pro Podcast here]

    News Corp Australia and News UK join forces on investigative podcast into global cocaine trade

    News Corp Australia and News UK have united for an international investigation into the global cocaine trade, to be revealed in a new podcast, video and editorial series, Cocaine Inc.

    Podcast Week: New studios for Pro Podcast, Cocaine Inc, Picture Discuss

    News Corp Australia reporter Stephen Drill, The Times chief reporter Fiona Hamilton, and The Sunday Times northern editor David Collins travelled 50,000 kilometres across six countries to lift the lid on the global cocaine industry where profits are counted in billions and losses measured in murders.

    The investigation travels to England, Colombia, Mexico, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. The reporters tracked the cocaine trade from the Colombian narco tunnels and the ports of Rotterdam, all the way to the streets of Melbourne.

    [Listen to Cocaine Inc. here]

    Merrick Watts returns to host season three of Picture Discuss

    ARN’s iHeart is welcoming back Merrick Watts with the third season of Picture Discuss.

    picture discuss

    In each episode, two comedians join Watts, and the group is tasked with explaining the backstory behind a picture they have no context for.

    Season three promises to answer the big questions, like why is toe wrestling not an Olympic sport? What led to a group of women riding a rollercoaster topless? Is there really a championship for splicing a watermelon with your bare hands… on another person’s stomach?

    Comedians joining Merrick to uncover each picture’s backstory include Tom Cashman, Michelle Brasier, Tom Ballard, Pete Helliar, Rhys Nicholson, Geraldine Hickey, and Mel Buttle.

    [Listen to Picture Discuss here]

    Chello celebrates 10 years of growth across APAC with launch of The Brand Hunch podcast

    Independent brand and creative agency Chello is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the launch of a new podcast, The Brand Hunch, delving deep on the secrets of successful brands.

    Hosted by Lindsay Rogers, the series will feature in-depth conversations with top marketers, starting with Robin Marchant, Senior Marketing Director at Klaviyo, and former Shopify Marketing Director, APAC. The podcast aims to explore the insights and strategies behind successful brands.

    The Brand Hunch podcast will be available to listen on Spotify from mid June.

    Hedley Thomas on Bronwyn, and doing ‘more good with this sort of journalism than most’

    “The former police commissioner of New South Wales, Mick Fuller, described a true crime podcast series as the most effective crime-fighting tool he had ever witnessed in all his years of policing,” Hedley Thomas told Mediaweek.

    “There’s an impact on listeners who know things, that missing persons posters, police appeal through Crimestoppers, rewards, and so on simply do not and probably will never have.”

    Hedley Thomas

    Hedley Thomas

    With podcasts The Teacher’s Pet, The Night Driver, Shandee’s Story, The Teacher’s Trial, Shandee’s Legacy and The Teacher’s Accuser, Thomas says the biggest thing he has learned through investigative work is that “there will always be new information and new evidence trails in sometimes very old cases.

    “Even a very thorough police investigation following a very poor investigation will never be as effective as the mass reach of a podcast series, which prompts people to unburden themselves of information that they have not previously come forward with.”

    [Read more]

    Brent Smart: ‘Nothing has ever been invented that’s as good at killing ideas as a corporation’

    According to Telstra CMO Brent Smart, “Nothing has ever been invented that’s as good at killing ideas as a corporation – they’re built to kill ideas.” 

    Referencing the idea that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” Smart said: “If you can create a creative culture inside a corporation, it’s an incredibly powerful thing.”

    Reflecting on his career, Smart said he “loved” his 20 years in agencies, but it got to a point where “the driving motivation” to leave agencies and become a marketer “was frustration with clients.”

    Smart was talking to Dan Krigstein on The Growth Distillery’s Reset for Growth vodcast, run by News Corp Australia. 

    [Read more]

    Podcast Week: Em Rusciano

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