Sunday, July 21, 2024
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    Google launches Google TV advertising network

    Google launches Google TV advertising network

    Google launched a new connected TV advertising network Monday. Google TV offers targeted, in-stream video inventory across more than 125 channels. The company is also updating Ad Manager to give publishers greater control over how direct sales ads appear on their reserved ad inventory.

    Google TV

    What it is. The Google TV network provides ad inventory across more than 125 free channels built into Google TV, including live sports, shows and movies. 

    • It offers non-skippable and 6-second bumper ad formats, with more formats coming.
    • 60% of U.S. households now watch free, ad-supported streaming channels, spending over 75 minutes daily on Google TV’s free channels.
    • The inventory is available to buy through Google Ads and Display & Video 360, alongside YouTube reservations.

    The move allows Google to monetize its growing Google TV footprint across devices from brands like Sony, TCL, Hisense and its own Chromecast.

    Why it matters. Connected TV viewing continues to rise, with over 150 million people watching YouTube on their TV screens each month. The new Google TV network provides a one-stop shop for advertisers to reach this audience through targeted, in-stream video ads.

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    Why we care. Google TV network is a rapidly scaling connected TV audience for advertisers through Google’s advanced ad tech, premium inventory and integrated YouTube buys. Establishing an early presence allows advertisers to future-proof their TV strategy.

    Ad Manager updates

    “We’re rolling out updates to give publishers more control over direct sales served by Google Ad Manager,” a Google spokesperson told MarTech. “These changes will enable publishers to determine where and when ad badging appears on reserved inventory, and will help ensure their ad creatives appear as intended.”

    What is changing.

    • Creative-Level Ad Badging Controls: Publishers can disable ad badging disclosures on a per-creative basis for publisher-managed ads.
    • Badging Scope Options: At the network level, publishers can opt for badging to appear worldwide or only in the European Economic Area.
    • Mute This Ad Sunset: Google is removing the “Mute This Ad” feature for reservation ads to reduce complexity.

    The changes are likely meant to reduce complexity for publishers and improve the ad experience.

    Why we care. The updates matter to advertisers because they help ensure their ad creatives are displayed properly in reserved publisher inventory according to the publisher’s preferences while complying with regional regulations.

    The fine print. While providing more flexibility, publishers disabling badging must still adhere to all applicable ad regulations.

    Timeline. The updates will roll out to Ad Manager partners later this year as Google continues refining its ads transparency tools based on publisher input.


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