Monday, June 17, 2024
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    AXISCADES To Deliver Counter Drone Systems to the Indian Army

    What’s the news: AXISCADES, an end-to-end technology and engineering solutions provider based in Bengaluru, has started delivering Man Portable Counter Drone System (MPCDS) to the Indian Armed Forces. As per a company press release from June 10, 2024, these systems are the first of their kind to be inducted into the Indian Defence Forces.

    What is a counter drone system? These systems are built to provide security against drone attacks. Counter drone systems can detect, track, and identify airborne drones using multiple sensors and enable counter techniques to mitigate or destroy drones.

    Accordingly, the MPCDS too covers multiple frequency spectrums, including Command & Control and Navigation, and can detect and jam a wide variety of drones within a range of up to 5 km.

    “The Indian Ministry of Defence and Defence Forces have outlined plans to enhance their Counter UAV capabilities through multiple tenders, including emergency procurements, with an estimated addressable opportunity of INR 3,000 crores within India alone over the next five years,” said the company, adding that it will also be integrating sensors and neutralisation options in its Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-UAV) systems to reach out to domestic and global market opportunities.

    India’s previous attempts to counter drones: The Kerala government too is concerned about illegal drones, especially since an Indian Air Force base in Jammu suffered a drone attack in 2021. In 2022, the drone forensics department of the state police developed a system to track and hack any drone flying without police permission. The anti-drone system named ‘Eagle Eye’ can detect and neutralize drones within a radius of 5km by intercepting radio frequencies, using sensors and radar detection technology. The system, launched at the Cocon 2022 received a lot of attention from law enforcement authorities at the time. However, there haven’t been many reports regarding it since then.

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