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    BMF encourages smokers and vapers to ‘Give Up For Good’ in government campaigns

    BMF has created the integrated ‘Give Up For Good’ campaigns for The Australian Government. The national public health campaigns work to help Australians give up vaping and smoking, particularly targeting at-risk groups and young Australians.

    Falling under the behaviour change platform, the campaigns are structured around three streams: Youth Vaping, Tobacco, and Adult Vaping. All campaigns are aimed at increasing awareness and reinforcing the harms of vaping and smoking, and highlighting the tools and resources available to help people quit.

    Tom Hoskins, group creative director, at BMF, said: “Recent research revealed that people who vape are more likely to take up cigarette smoking, compared to those who have never vaped. And, with access to these products becoming increasingly difficult due to regulatory change, there is an increasing need to support people to quit. So, addressing the wider issue effectively meant creating nuanced and audience-specific work that talks to the insidious nature of both vaping and smoking.

    The anti-smoking campaign for the Department of Health and Aged Care – targeted to all adult Australian smokers – highlights why smoking is one of the most harmful behaviours we can adopt, acknowledging that whilst quitting is hard, the alternative is harder.

    The adult anti-vaping campaign reinforces the support and tools available to vapers, to help them quit the habit. Because, while you may not have chosen nicotine addiction, it’s already chosen you.

    The youth anti-vaping campaign aims to re-frame the social norm of vaping, asking young Australians to have a moment of self-reflection and ‘join the thousands quitting vapes’. The campaign prompts young Australians to ask themselves, ‘why are we still doing this?’.

    A fourth stream of anti-smoking creative to communicate with First Nations people has also been developed by Carbon Creative under the ‘Give Up For Good’ platform. 

    “With more tools and support available, there’s never been a better time for Australian smokers and vapers to give up for good,” Hoskins added.


    Client: Department of Health and Aged Care
    Creative Agency: BMF
    Production Company: Good Oil, Collider
    Sound Production: Rumble, Massive Music
    Post Production: Arc Edit

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