Friday, July 12, 2024
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    Perfect pavement

    Paving the ground might be an option.

    Pavement is invisible to the driver. It’s expected, smooth, resilient and gets out of the way. You only notice a road when it’s not paved well.

    Nature, on the other hand, is never perfect. All untouched forests are natural, yet each is different. That’s the point.

    Hardness can be perfect. You can measure it. Softness, on the other hand, is multi-dimensional.

    There are moments in our engagements with customers or clients where we want the steps to be paved. A simple route from here to there. If you’re going to pave something, make sure it’s perfect.

    But the rest of the time, the texture and variability of what we create is part of the magic.

    Latest Posts

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