Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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    MediaNama’s Take: How BJP’s Alliance Dynamics Shape India’s Governance Post-2024

    With the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) winning 240 seats in 2024’s general elections, one thing is clear: the party cannot afford to lose its alliance with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the Janata Dal (United) or JDU, two of its biggest alliance partners. However, can it afford to accept all the demands that have been made by the TDP and JD(U) for staying in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA)? And what does this mean in terms of future governance?

    TDP eyes Information Technology and Communications ministries:

    Earlier, media reports stated that TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu sought ministerial berths for Information Technology, Communications, Home Ministry and Minister of State for Finance aside from other departments like Road Transport, Rural Development, Health, Housing and Urban Affairs, Jal Shakti, Agriculture, Education.

    Government’s approach to tech is unlikely to change:

    The TDP’s demand for the IT ministry is not surprising considering Naidu’s history. He is credited with commissioning HITEC City and Genome Valley in 1998, adjoining Cyberabad to the west of Hyderabad, propelling the information technology industry. Many also credit him for enabling the tech and IT sector in Andhra Pradesh. According to Nikhil Pahwa, Founder and Editor at MediaNama:

    “Naidu has been amongst the first to deploy and encourage the setting up of tech companies in the country and also deployment of technology in governance. From that sense, I don’t see the tech focus of the government shifting at all. If anything, it may even get enhanced if TDP takes over. The other aspect to consider here is that the TDP has historically been the architect of what one may call a surveillance state in Andhra Pradesh. If there were concerns about linking Aadhaar to everything, about databases getting created and new IDs that are linked backwards to Aadhaar, the rollout of surveillance tech like facial recognition, CCTVs, etc.; all of that is likely to remain the same, if not increase, if the TDP is involved in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Essentially, Mr. Naidu and the government that has followed his [government] have in Andhra/Telangana, have basically used technology to exercise control, and that is likely to continue with the TDP having an impact on tech policy at the Centre now.”

    Consultative process may return with the new government:

    Aside from Naidu, JD(U) has also put forth its demand for Railways, Rural Development, Water Resources and a Minister of State position as these ministries would help the party in their home state, reported the Hindustan Times. Weighing in on what this means for future governance, Pahwa said:

    “The sense that we’ve got in the past is that most of the directions for laws, bills, rules, processes were coming from either the Prime Minister’s Office [PMO], and in some cases from Home Ministry. This is the sense that we’ve got. Most ministers often had to defend decisions that were being taken by the Prime Minister’s office. It’s not that they weren’t involved in it, but largely the power lay with the Prime Minister’s office. Now, with the TDP and the JD(U) getting ministries, I think it’s important to understand that their ministries are likely to be independent of the PMO. This could lead to a more consultative process and more engagement in parliament. On the whole, this is good for the democratic functioning of the government, where we’ve seen a bit of backsliding in the past.”

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