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    Brendan Taylor on the ‘fantastic’ survey three results for smoothfm

    Nova group programming director Brendan Taylor describes the radio ratings survey three results as “mixed” for the network, but there was one standout highlight: the smoothfm results.

    In Sydney, smoothfm tied with KIIS in the last survey, but broke away in survey three to bring the station to top FM with a 10.7% share. In Melbourne, smoothfm came in second FM, beyond only Gold.

    “It’s just a fantastic result for Peter Clay and the team,” Taylor told Mediaweek.

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    “Number one FM in Sydney, it’s such a competitive marketplace so it’s pleasing to see – Particularly up against a brand like KIIS and Kyle & Jackie O. And number two FM in Melbourne against the backdrop of the new competitive challenges in that market. It’s a pleasing day for the smooth team.”

    When asked what it is that keeps people coming back to the smooth brand, Taylor said the consistency of the station means people know what they’re going to get when they tune in.

    “For the smooth brand, we often talk about its consistency. They’ve got a consistent product and a consistent brand proposition, that’s one of the main focuses for the smooth team.”

    Around the Nova network

    In Melbourne, Jase & Lauren’s second survey since taking the breakfast reins saw the duo climb 0.4 percentage points in the breakfast slot to a 8.7% share.

    “It’s a really pleasing result for them in the Melbourne market. To increase share to 8.7, from a Nova perspective, that’s one of our best results in breakfasts for about a year and a half,” Taylor said.

    “It’s also pleasing to see that we’ve got this connection, they’re resonating with the audience in Melbourne. It’s such a competitive marketplace, all ears are going to be on that market, and to see the Jase, Lauren, & Clint team move forward means it’s progressing nicely.”

    In Queensland, Nova 106.9 came in as the most listened to station in Brisbane with 691,000 cume.

    “It’s always great to know that the foundations are there for the station, and likewise Ash, Luttsy, & Susie O’Neill are the most listened to breakfast show. It’s good to know that the audience figures are holding up,” said Taylor.

    In Perth, Nova 93.7 came in as the city’s most listened to station in market with 704,000 cume, and Nathan, Nat, & Shaun topped breakfast with a 17.4% share.

    Nathan, Nat & Shaun, what a team. It’s the most listened to station and just 0.1 off number one from the share perspective. 

    “As most listened to station, they’ve hit that for 40 in a row with us. It’s a testament to the team and credit to Dave McClung.”

    Nova in H2

    The middle of the survey year and the calendar year are both creeping up. Looking ahead, Taylor said: “We’re always looking to refine and connect with our audience across the year. It’s a long survey year, you ride the highs and the lows.

    “It’s great that the radio is at the forefront, particularly in Melbourne with the competitive nature of that. For the Nova network, it’s just doubling down on what we do best – having that genuine connection with our audience.”

    Top image: Brendan Taylor

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