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    Podcast Week: Ben vs Harry, Black Magic Woman, 9Podcasts

    LiSTNR publishes an exclusive episode of The Ben and Harry Podcast

    The Ben and Harry Podcast will be renamed for one exclusive episode: The Ben vs Harry Podcast. This episode, released on Tuesday 4 June, will provide footy fans with an exclusive insight into the brothers’ mindset before they clash in their big game, Carlton v Essendon.

    Between them, Essendon’s Ben McKay and Carlton’s Harry McKay have amassed more than 200 games, 1,00 marks, and one Coleman Medal. For the first time, the brothers will face each other in an AFL match.

    Podcast Week: Ben vs Harry, Black Magic Woman, 9Podcasts

    Essendon defender Ben McKay said: “It’s a big couple of weeks for the Ben and Harry Podcast. We’ve been in the AFL system for more than eight years, so I’m looking forward to crossing paths for the first time on a footy field at the ‘G. This week and next week’s episodes are going to be massive.”

    Carlton forward Harry McKay said: “Our battles have taken place in the podcast studio over the past 18 months, where we’ve gone head-to-head each week. So, I’m looking forward to finally taking it out onto the field and letting the footy do the talking!”

    [Listen to The Ben vs Harry Podcast here]

    Black Magic Woman Podcast launches ANZ partnership series during National Reconciliation Week

    Featuring Indigenous business owners, suppliers, community partners, and ANZ employees, the series will highlight a range of voices in telling the stories of personal and business experiences with reconciliation.

    The partnership is based on five years of shared vision, in which ANZ has worked closely with Mundanara and the BlackCard team to drive meaningful outcomes as part of its commitment to reconciliation for its national reconciliation program, culminating in the empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people toward self-determination and in control of their financial wellbeing. 

    “I would love to see more Indigenous businesses engaging with ANZ for their banking needs. I am an ANZ customer and can speak first-hand about how much of a difference it makes when you have a business banker who is First Nations,” said Mundanara Bayles. 

    “It is inspiring to see the ways in which ANZ can help Indigenous businesses to start and grow their operations, as well as creating many employment opportunities, not just at entry level with traineeships, but throughout ANZ’s organisation.  Our vision is to see more Australian organisations representing our people and culture at the highest level,” she said.

    Black Magic Woman was the first Indigenous podcast signed by iHeartRadio in 2023 and is also available on the BlakCast Network.

    [Listen to Black Magic Woman here]

    Triton data reveals an 11% month-on-month uptick in listeners and a 5% rise in downloads on 9Podcasts

    The surge in listeners across Nine’s podcast content is underpinned by its news and sport offerings, coupled with new programs in key areas of growth.

    The Missing Campers Trial podcast – a production from the teams at 9News, The Age and 9Podcasts – has taken listeners inside the courtroom for the high-profile trial of Gregory Lynn, accused of murdering campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay.

    Episodes have been released in real time, revealing every detail as the evidence unfolds, examining key moments and bringing together audio and video to cover the crimes on trial in Victoria’s highest court. 

    Nine’s head of podcasts and digital content, Mia Stern, said: “9Podcasts is committed to showcasing the richness and diversity of Australian stories, ensuring that our listeners have access to content that is not only entertaining but also reflective of their own experiences and culture.

    “We can see the positive impact this continues to have on our audience growth, as more listeners are discovering new programs and listening for longer each month, creating a rich and varied environment for marketers and advertisers.”

    Brent Smart: ‘Nothing has ever been invented that’s as good at killing ideas as a corporation’

    According to Telstra CMO Brent Smart, “Nothing has ever been invented that’s as good at killing ideas as a corporation – they’re built to kill ideas.” 

    Referencing the idea that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” Smart said: “If you can create a creative culture inside a corporation, it’s an incredibly powerful thing.”

    Reflecting on his career, Smart said he “loved” his 20 years in agencies, but it got to a point where “the driving motivation” to leave agencies and become a marketer “was frustration with clients.”

    Brent Smart

    “I was just frustrated because I felt like we were putting the right ideas on the table, but they weren’t getting through to the corporations that we were working with for a multitude of reasons. I thought, what if I could be on the other side of the table? What if I could be able to say yes to ideas, and create the conditions for ideas to not die, but thrive?”

    It was this thought that brought Smart client side, he said. “You can have more impact being in charge of a brand as opposed to trying to influence people who are in charge of a brand.”

    Smart was talking to Dan Krigstein on The Growth Distillery’s Reset for Growth vodcast, run by News Corp Australia

    [Read more]

    LiSTNR and DataCo partner to accelerate data cleanroom strategy

    LiSTNR has partnered with DataCo Technologies to further accelerate its data cleanroom strategy, allowing advertisers to integrate their own databases with the platform’s 1.95 million first-party database.

    The partnership with the Australian cleanroom solution aims to ensure campaign effectiveness, local safety, and privacy compliance. It also provides access to merchant data from Australia’s leading banks and global financial data providers.

    Podcast Week

    DataCo Technologies was developed by Business Creation Lab of 1835i, the innovation partner to ANZ Bank. The business said its cleanroom solution offers bank-grade security and privacy protection without the technical complexity found in many other solutions in the market.

    LiSTNR is the only digital audio platform to partner with DataCo, and the cleanroom solution is a managed service rather than self-serve.

    [Read more]

    Centennial World partners with Let’s Sing on Let The Girls Game podcast

    Centennial World is gearing up to launch its first branded podcast miniseries, Let The Girls Game, on 5 June. The project will be nested within its Infinite Scroll ecosystem in partnership with Let’s Sing.

    Let The Girls Game looks into gender and gaming, the history and resurgence of Gamergate, language and culture within online communities, the future of gaming, and the significance of community-building for women gamers.

    Centennial World’s content spans internet culture and the creator economy, with 95% of its audience under 34-years-old, and 13 million monthly views on TikTok.

    Podcast Week

    Lauren Meisner, founder and director of Centennial World, said: “Gen Z seek meaningful conversations in a natural format and doesn’t want to be sold to. They expect value over advertising. So, we have co-designed a series with our listeners’ interests first. 

    “We are partnering with Let’s Sing, because of their shared passion for reaching young women interested in gaming. In doing so, we are meeting our listeners with interesting, relevant content that they expect from us.”

    [Read more]

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