Saturday, July 20, 2024
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    Nine Radio’s Greg Byrnes on 3AW changes: ‘Pleasing how successful they have been’

    Upon the release of yesterday’s radio ratings survey three, Nine Radio’s head of content Greg Byrnes is pleased to see how audiences have reacted to the changes at 3AW in Melbourne. 

    Speaking to Mediaweek, Byrnes was quick to shout out the strong results seen not only at 2GB in Sydney, but 3AW in Melbourne, which held a winning audience share of 14.4%, despite some programming changes.

    “Looking at the new hosts and programmes in Melbourne, Tony Moclair is now number one in Afternoons on 3AW, as well as Tom Elliott who is going strength to strength in mornings after taking over from Neil (Mitchell). Jacqui Felgate is also up a point in drive,” he said.

    “There are three new names in those roles, and it’s pleasing how successful they have been because we know our audience doesn’t like change, but change is required from time to time.

    “It’s really pleasing to see in Sydney and Melbourne that those shifts that we have changed off the back of strong breakfast programmes are doing really well.”

    Jacqui Felgate recorded an 8.3% share – up 0.9 on Survey 2, Tony Moclair captured a 13.1% share – up 1.5 points on Survey 2, while Tom Elliott recorded a 17.5% share in mornings – up 0.8 on Survey 2.

    Ross and Russ have maintained their status as Melbourne’s top breakfast show, recording a 20.3% share. The pair also captured a 46% share of the commercial streaming audience.

    It’s been 12 months since the launch of Radio360, and Byrnes stated that from the outset, Nine was confident that its figures would be reflected well in the streaming figures. 

    Nine Radio was up almost 17% nationally overall, with a commercial streaming share of 28.7% (up 0.5).

    “I must say, however, I was somewhat surprised to see the strength of our streaming figures, up 17%, and that’s already off very strong figures,” he said.

    “We’d like to think more and more people are experiencing and finding what we’re saying about streaming, that it is a better listening experience and the word is getting out there.”

    The release of Survey 3 marks 52 days until the beginning of the 2024 Paris Olympics, and Nine is ramping up the signposting across its network.

    “For a radio audience, the excitement of the games comes from the audio that we can play off in those key iconic sporting moments that translate very well to our platform. 

    “It’s the middle of the night, you’re tucked in bed, lying there listening to Ray (Hadley) calling a gold medal swim, there’s nothing quite like that audio experience.”

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