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    What does ideaForge-SkyLark Labs partnership mean for India’s drone sector?

    What’s the news: ideaForge drone company has partnered with SkyLark Labs, a U.S.-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions company to provide drones that “autonomously detect and identify suspicious weapons, persons, vehicles, fires, and smoke in real-time.” Considering how ideaForge has previously discussed its dealings with Indian law enforcement agencies, this means that the country’s police force now has access to AI-powered drones.

    Technological solutions provided by the companies

    SkyLark Labs’ self-learning AI: The company has developed a self-learning AI that overcomes a traditional AI’s struggle with unpredictable environments and high computational demands. This means the technology can identify new threats, label them, learn to detect these threats and update its model with the new information

    For example, suppose the AI is tasked with identifying unknown ships along a certain coastal area. In that case, the self-learning AI can learn to detect a never-before-seen ship, categorize it as a threat, and teach itself to keep a lookout for such ships if the occurrence is frequent enough.

    Amarjot Singh, Founder and CEO said, “This partnership enables public safety agencies to use real-time data to monitor vast areas for potential threats and hazards.” Having announced the partnership with ideaForge in a LinkedIn post, he said the AI-enabled drones will “enhance situational awareness for first responders and security personnel, enabling them to effectively ensure public safety and security in urban and rural areas.”

    ideaForge offers surveillance and mapping services: As per its third quarterly report, ideaForge offers Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) in four use-case categories: surveillance, mapping, delivery, and inspection. Here are the specific applications for some of these categories:

    Surveillance – the company offers applications for anti-terror operations, border security, coastal security and surveillance, crime control, disaster management, emergency first responder service, wildfire management, monitoring during festivals, and rallies, etc., perimeter security and surveillance, traffic monitoring, etc.

    Mapping – the company offers land surveys, mining area planning and mapping applications, volumetric estimations, detection and diagnosis of flare stacks, oil rigs, leaks, railway inspection and monitoring, aerial mapping surveys across short or long corridors, etc.

    Aside from these, ideaForge also offers solutions like Flyght Cloud drone data management and BlueFire Touch ground control software.

    What clientele will now have access to these technologies?

    In its last IPO filing, ideaForge stated that its customers included “Indian defense forces and civil customers comprising certain of the central armed police forces, state police departments, disaster management forces, forest departments, private contractors in connection with smart cities, Pioneer Foundation Engineers Private Limited and C.E. Info Systems Limited. It also sold its products to foreign jurisdictions such as the US and Oman through re-sellers. The latest quarterly earnings, mentioned working with US law enforcement agencies.

    SkyLark Lab’s website lists the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, and even the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), India’s border guarding forces, as its customers. Other customers include Mercedes, JLL real-estate service company, Artabia drone company, US companies ManTech and Collins Aerospace.

    The partnership can help Indian and US law enforcement agencies access sophisticated drones with integrated self-learning AI technology, presenting opportunities for innovative new models. For example, can the integration of self-learning AI with drones used for crime control or monitoring rallies lead to severe forms of policing? How, will self-learning AI-enabled drones improve deliveries or inspections? Additionally, how will the technology minimize false positives in detecting potential threats or suspicious persons?

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