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    AI-powered martech news and releases: May 30

    AI-powered martech news and releases: May 30

    Since OpenAI made ChatGPT publicly available at the end of 2022, artificial intelligence has ridden a tidal wave of earned media attention. This has created widespread awareness in the general public, but little interest in using it, according to a study by The Reuters Institute and Oxford University.

    Around 50% of the 12,000 people from six countries surveyed have heard of ChatGPT, far more than any other AI product. However, few are using it regularly. Only 7% of people in the US use it daily. That number drops to 2% in France and 1% in Japan.

    Other findings:

    • Between 20% and 30% of the online population in the six countries surveyed haven’t heard of any of the most popular AI tools.
    • Younger people are much more likely to use generative AI products regularly. Averaging across all six countries, 56% of 18–24s say they have used ChatGPT at least once, compared to 16% of those aged 55 and over.
    • Roughly equal proportions across six countries have used generative AI to get information (24%) and create various kinds of media, including text, audio, code, images and video (28%).
    • Given AI’s tendency to make things up, it seems good that only 5% across the six countries covered say they have used generative AI to get the latest news.

    The full report can be found here.

    Here are this week’s new AI-powered martech solutions, enhancements and releases.

    • Mile’s AI-Powered Dynamic Flooring helps publishers optimize ad inventory monetization. It applies price floors in real time based on historical buying patterns and inventory performance, analyzing site-specific data like the audience, geo, ad unit, device, browser, etc., to determine the value of an impression and set optimal floors. This saves publishers from selling their ad inventory at lower prices and ensures better fill rates.
    • Superside’s AI Services assists in the design and execution of marketing creatives. It includes static image libraries, single art concepts, 3D illustrations, high-volume ad concepting, character creation, custom voice-overs and micro animations.
    • Toluna’s SmartCloud is an AI-powered tool for analyzing unstructured, open-ended survey responses. It offers advanced, instant analysis, including theme extraction and sentiment coding, to provide insight into the meaning contained within open-ended responses. 
    • Launch Cart’s streamlines and enhances advertising campaigns across major digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Spotify, and TikTok. It is designed to automate ad creation, optimize ad performance, and provide comprehensive insights to digital marketers. 
    • Ada’s customer service AI Agent has enhanced its capabilities in skills development, trust and reliability, and cross-channel coverage. It can now learn from the same resources as human agents, accessing web pages and help centers, including those in different languages, to answer support inquiries. Additionally, it can navigate any business system using machine vision, eliminating the need for code or APIs. The Reasoning Engine has been updated to simplify the process of describing complex inquiry resolutions, while new tools enable AI managers to test, coach, and make continuous improvements. It now supports AI-powered conversations across all channels, including in-app, social media, chat, ticketing, email, phone, and SMS, spanning multiple languages and regions globally.
    • Hookle’s Smart Scheduling simplifies social media posting for small businesses. By analyzing post content and engagement trends, Smart Scheduling optimizes posting times, maximizing visibility and engagement effortlessly, benefitting users with enhanced efficiency. Real-time analysis enables it to select the best time and ideal day for each post and for different strategies.


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