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    TV Guide: Alone Australia season two finale on SBS and SBS On Demand

    Andreas, Suzan, and Krzysztof are the final three in Alone Australia’s second season, with the finale airing 7.30pm Wednesday 29 May on SBS and SBS On Demand.

    The episode will be followed by the Alone Australia Reunion at 8.30pm, hosted by Hamish Blake

    Andreas, 42
    Personal Trainer & Subsistence Hunter, NSW

    A Swedish-Australian subsistence hunter who enjoys mountain-biking on weekends, Andreas works full time as an elite personal trainer. For a former model living the inner-city life, it may surprise most to discover that Andreas supplies over 90% of the protein he and his partner consume through wild hunting and fishing. He butchers, processes and stores all parts of the animals he procures for his household’s food supply.

    While a youth spent in Sweden honed his outdoor and fishing skills, Andreas’ hunting expertise was acquired after moving to Australia. He decided that bow hunting was his preferred method and has since spent years dedicating himself to becoming an educated and skilled ethical hunter.

    Suzan, 54
    Wilderness Adventure Guide, VIC

    Suzan has loved the comfort of nature since childhood and has always endeavoured to spend more time out than in. Living off-grid with her husband and two dogs, Suzan is a wilderness adventure guide, a deep wilding facilitator and a novice filmmaker, having directed and featured in Suzy and the Simple Man; a documentary about our relationship with each other and nature.

    For decades, Suzan has lived a nature-based existence by harvesting resources for her lifestyle from the land she lives on. With a broad skill set including hunting and gathering, scavenging, shelter-making and deep plant knowledge, she wants to explore the limits of her connection with the land.

    Suzan is intrinsically capable and determined to prove that, even if lacking some of the physical strength of some competitors, older women have the life experience, patience and wisdom to survive and thrive beyond expectation.

    Krzysztof, 39
    Aquaculturalist, VIC

    This Polish-Australian aquaculturalist is a jack of all trades – and master of quite a few. Raised in a Polish refugee family with a rich history of rebellion and resilience in his genes, Krzysztof has always enjoyed thinking outside of the box and cultivating niche interests, like stone, metal and leatherwork as well as medieval combat.

    Krzysztof lives with his partner in a home that is largely self-sufficient; achieved through a series of first-try DIY projects, each well researched, studied and then executed. This project-obsessed gentle giant is eager to flex his crafting skills, his understanding of fish behaviour as well as his recurve bow hunting abilities.

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