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    Podcast Week: Em Rusciano’s Anomalous, Kizmet, The Apple and The Tree

    Compiled by Tess Connery

    Em Rusciano explores what it means to be neurodivergent in Anomalous

    Singer, comedian, writer, and radio and podcast presenter, Em Rusciano, has launched her latest piece of work, Anomalous: a five-episode podcast series that shines a light on the neurodivergent community.

    The five episodes explore the ADHD and autism experience in females and AFAB people, using the experience of Rusciano’s ADHD and autism journey as a platform. Anomalous aims to debunk myths about neurodivergence, provide insights on what happens during diagnosis, and show how people with disabilities are misrepresented in the media.

    Podcast Week’s Tess Connery caught up with Em Rusciano, who described Anomalous as “an absolute labour of love.”

    “It came out of my National Press Club address – a lot of people saw themselves in me. I realised there wasn’t really a resource out there that was user-friendly for neurodivergent people,” Rusciano said.

    When you get diagnosed, you don’t really know where to start, and you’re probably already in a general state of overwhelm. I thought once I’ve done all my research and figured out who I am as a person, I wanted to make an easy one-stop shop for the newly diagnosed neurodivergent human – but also the people that love, know, and work with them.”

    There is no one experience of neurodivergence, and Rusciano said she was “hypersensitive” to that fact when it came time to create Anomalous

    “I can’t speak to everybody’s experience with neurodivergence, and that’s really what held me up for a long time. I felt afraid to tackle the topic because I knew women like me, especially in the AFAB community were underrepresented when it comes to ADHD and autism – most people think of Bart Simpson for ADHD and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man for autism. 

    Every time I found myself wanting to not do it out of fear of doing it wrong, I reminded myself that that’s all people had to go on. It was my job to change those ideas around what it is to be neurodivergent.”

    Podcast Week: Em Rusciano’s Anomalous, Kizmet, The Apple and The Tree

    With Anomalous now out in the world, Rusciano said all the “angst, sleepless nights, and feeling a bit exposed and raw” were worth it. In fact, she goes as far as to say that people’s reactions have been “magic.”

    “As somebody who makes things, to put something out there into the world and have people receive it exactly how you intended them to is pretty special.

    “People are saying they feel seen, they’re sending it on to family members who may have been struggling to understand their diagnosis, and psychiatrists and psychologists are recommending it to their patients. It’s doing exactly what I hoped it would do.”

    Ultimately, Rusciano hopes that the podcast helps to “reframe neurodivergence and disability in general.”

    “There’s a lot of deficit language around ADHD and autism, and I’m trying to reframe the idea to say that it’s a difference, not a deficit. The way that neurodivergent people communicate is our language, and then neuro-normative people have their language – neither is right or neutral. It’s just about having a better understanding of the other side. 

    “I hope people are more curious and more open to putting the support in their workplace, home, or school that will enable people to be their best selves.”

    [Listen to Anomalous here and catch Rusciano on tour in July and August]

    Therapist and reinvention coach, Kiz Harvey, launches Kizmet

    Kiz Harvey, known for her work in the field of mental health advocacy and personal development, has launched her latest venture: Kizmet; a podcast dedicated to navigating the complexities of intimacy and sexuality after divorce.


    Kizmet will explore topics related to mental health, personal growth, and self-discovery, from managing stress and overcoming adversity to cultivating mindfulness and building meaningful relationships. Through conversations, interviews, and storytelling, Harvey and her guests will share wisdom, practical tools, and anecdotes to inspire change.

    “Thriving now, I’m eager to guide listeners on a similar path to fulfillment. Driven by a passion for understanding the human psyche and facilitating growth, I pursued higher education, earning a certification in mediation and a degree in psychology,” Harvey said. 

    [Listen to Kizmet here]

    Richard and Christian Wilkins team up to delve into the family dynamics of celebs 

    Every family has its quirks. Whether it’s traditions, memories or bumps in the road, families aren’t just bonded by blood, but by the moments that colour the lineage. It’s something that no amount of fame can change.

    the apple and the tree

    The Apple and The Tree is a new podcast hosted by Aussie father and son duo, Richard and Christian Wilkins, taking listeners behind the closed doors of some of Australia’s best known and well-loved families.

    Some of the famous relos sitting down for a chat include father and son music legends Jimmy Barnes and David Campbell; popstar twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso (aka The Veronicas); the mega multi-hyphenate siblings Alli and Cody Simpson, and cricketing brothers Brett and Shane Lee.

    [Listen to The Apple and the Tree here]

    Talent search Find and Tell podcast looks for Australia’s next big podcast star

    ARN’s iHeart and Indigenous Podcast Network, BlakCast are launching a podcast series Find and Tell. Hosted by broadcaster and author Jamila Rizvi, Find and Tell takes audiences on a quest to unearth the next generation of diverse storytellers.

    find and tell

    Find and Tell is designed to act as a talent search for people from all walks of life – including folks with no media or broadcasting experience – to try their hand at podcasting. The audience will hear the triumphs, drawbacks, excitement, disappointment, and the stories that the storytellers find and tell.

    iHeart and BlakCast received hundreds of entries from aspiring podcasters all over the country. After narrowing it down to the final four, they were flown to ARN’s iHeart studios in Sydney for a podcasting bootcamp. They were also provided with professional-grade recording equipment from RØDE, received some essential financial support and were paired up with their own iHeart producer.

    [Listen to Find and Tell here]

    Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families marks 1,000 episodes

    iHeart podcast Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families has hit a significant milestone: the release of its 1,000th episode. Hosted by Dr. Justin Coulson and his wife Kylie, Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families has become a resource for parents seeking humour, stories, and evidence-based advice on navigating family life.

    Happy Families

    In every episode, Justin and Kylie offer practical tips and an approach to parenting that blends entertainment with education. The Coulsons’ don’t shy away from sharing their own experiences as parents of six daughters, and each episode is designed to offer both practical tips and genuine insights.

    The podcast continues to grow with a 6% increase year on year (2022-2023), with monthly downloads of over 100k.

    [Listent to Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families here]

    ARN launches internal podcast bringing employees The Science and Art of Radio

    ARN has launched a podcast series designed to educate its employees by offering an in-depth exploration of radio. This in-house resource is the latest initiative from ARN’s The Science and Art of Radio project.

    Now available to all ARN employees, The Science and Art of Radio Podcast Series covers a topics including industry news, music fundamentals, show production, talent management, digital content creation, the role of a content director, and more. This series is a collaborative effort, featuring insights from professionals within ARN, and will be regularly updated and expanded.

    Duncan Campbell, ARN chief content officer, said: “Reflecting on my early days as a junior content director, I had abundant opportunities to learn and grow – opportunities that aren’t as prevalent today. As Australia’s leading audio company, ARN is committed to offering its people the chance to develop and become tomorrow’s content leaders. I’m passionate about ensuring our industry nurtures the next generation of leaders because, without them, we won’t have an industry.”

    Podcast Week: Em Rusciano

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