Friday, July 12, 2024
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    Foxcatcher launches WorldView Retail to maximise ROI and customer growth 

    Foxcatcher has launched its audience and activation product, WorldView Retail, to predict each customer’s lifetime value, allowing the design of more targeted journeys.

    Worldview Retail enables brands to maximise ROI and customer growth by closing the gap between potential and converted customers and through intelligent segmentation.

    Foxcatcher said it has integrated data cleanroom functionality into WorldView to better meet customer needs and allow brands to upload their first party data securely and privately into the platform.

    The data and technology specialist is also working with several partners to expand the capabilities of WorldView into new activation partners across programmatic, search, social, and other ID solutions.  

    Foxcatcher launches WorldView Retail to maximise ROI and customer growth 

    Varun John and Andrew Molan

    “Worldview Retail and our innovative cleanroom technology will empower our clients to precisely segment and engage customer cohorts, driving unparalleled performance in today’s increasingly competitive landscape,” Andrew Molan, Foxcatcher head of technology, said.

    The Foxcatcher customer scoring system, in combination with the business’ cleanroom technology, aims to be a game-changer for brands. The customer scoring system allows brands to remain top of mind and drive long-term value, Foxcatcher said.

    WorldView Retail and cleanroom functionality is available now and currently extending to incorporate new technology partners.

    Varun John, Foxcatcher’s general manager of commercial and investment, added: “Understanding customer lifetime value is paramount to maximising ROI for our clients. Worldview Retail empowers us to craft personalised customer journeys that foster loyalty from the very first interaction, driving long-term value for brands.”

    Last week, Foxcatcher announced a partnership with InMobi to refine media planning and activation with an SPO and audience match integration.

    Jaclyn Hadida, InMobi’s country manager for ANZ, explained: “We know that InMobi audience data can turbocharge brand campaign performance thanks to the power of our unique, always-on segments, which engage and activate engage with consumers.

    “Together with Foxcatcher’s data capabilities, the partnership will deliver exceptional audience insights and marketing outcomes. We are excited to join hands with the Foxcatcher team to achieve this.”

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    Latest Posts

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