Thursday, July 25, 2024
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    Binge launches Colin From Accounts second season as new episodes of hit comedy drop

    The Foxtel Group last night celebrated the Season 2 launch of Binge’s global hit comedy original, Colin From Accounts. Series creators and stars Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer (above) walked the red carpet at Sydney’s Factory Theatre for what was billed as the world premiere.

    They were joined by the cast of Colin From AccountsHelen Thomson, Emma Harvie, Tai Hara, Michael Logo, Genevieve Hegney, Annie Maynard, John Howard, Justin Rosniak.

    Creating the most fuss on the red carpet was the real star of the show – Colin. The seven-year-old Border Terrier Zak was most in demand as he was cuddled by the cast, and hounded (!) by the paparazzi.

    Binge launches Colin From Accounts second season as new episodes of hit comedy drop

    Cast of Colin from Accounts with Patrick Delany, CEO Foxtel Group

    Season 1 of the eight-episode series broke records to become the Foxtel Group’s most-watched original scripted series of all time. The series has been a global success, premiering across the world in over 100 countries including in the UK on BBC and the US on Paramount+ to excellent reviews, with a certified fresh score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    Guests at the launch heard from Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany plus Binge executive director and Colin From Accounts executive producer Alison Hurbert-Burns. They both referred to the success of the series. Delany noted this was the most-watched Foxtel Original, ever.

    Lana Greenhalgh and Alison Hurbert-Burns, Foxtel Group

    Other Foxtel Group executives included Foxtel Group’s chief commercial and content officer and Binge managing director Amanda Laing, who will soon depart the subscription TV business.

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    Colin as played by Zak

    What happens in Colin From Accounts Season 2

    TV critics have received instructions from Binge that they shouldn’t reveal any plot points from the new episodes being dropped in season two.

    What we can say is that Colin’s owners Gordon and Harriet are together, sort of, after splitting at the end of the first season. They gave away Colin to new owners at the end of Season 1. Will they be reunited with their beloved pooch?

    There is also a significant twist at the end of the first episode which will have viewers wondering if they missed something in Season 1.

    Rob Gibson and Ian Collie, Easy Tiger

    Colin From Accounts production notes

    Colin From Accounts is produced by Easy Tiger Productions (Scrublands, One Night, The Twelve) and CBS Studios.

    Executive producers are Rob Gibson, Ian Collie, Patrick Brammall, Harriet Dyer, Trent O’Donnell, Alison Hurbert-Burns and Lana Greenhalgh with Kevin Greene producing.

    Trent O’Donnell returns as set-up director, with Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope taking the reins for three episodes and Madeleine Dyer returning to direct an episode.

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