Thursday, July 25, 2024
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    Announcing the AI for Journalists Workshop by Nikhil Pahwa, Founder and Editor, MediaNama

    Journalists today face the dual challenge of producing high-quality and thoughtful writing quickly while managing an ever-increasing flow of information. When the world is flooded with AI generated articles, it is those who make their work more relevant for readers who will be read. That doesn’t mean that journalists shouldn’t use AI to deal with mundane tasks so that they have more time to report and add value for readers. At the same time, looking at a chatbot sometimes is like looking at a blank page: it’s there but you’re never quite sure of how to begin and what to do with it. 

    This workshop helps you take those first few steps into the world of AI, and helps you understand how to use AI chatbots more effectively, to assist in your work, generate new ideas, and make your work stand out. 

    This workshop is a series of interactive sessions that mostly has practical exercises and Q&A discussions, and a bit of show-and-tell. Each session is designed to provide you with hands-on experience and expert guidance. You’re expected to apply what you’re learning during the workshop. 

    The content in this workshop is based on learnings from over a year of experimentation with AI, as well as deploying AI in the MediaNama newsroom and for journalistic work.

    What you’ll get by signing up for this workshop:

    1. Understand AI capabilities and limitations: You will have a clear understanding of what AI, specifically in the realm of text and data, can and cannot do. This includes recognizing the potential for AI to automate tasks, enhance productivity, and generate creative content, as well as understanding its limitations in producing consistently reliable or factually accurate outputs.
    2. Understand how AI works: learn how outputs are generated by AI systems, including the factors that influence these outputs such as training data, fine-tuning, and user inputs like prompts and settings.
    3. Generate more useful outputs using AI: Gain the ability to craft detailed and effective prompts to guide AI in generating more relevant and useful responses. This skill is crucial for leveraging AI technologies for specific journalistic needs, from generating story ideas to summarizing data.
    4. Identify tasks suitable for using AI with for your work: Learn to identify parts of your workflow that could benefit from AI automation, thereby improving efficiency and freeing up time for more complex, creative tasks that require human oversight.
    5. Create custom bot models: The workshop will cover the basics of creating custom bots, enabling you to tailor AI tools to your specific journalistic contexts and needs.
    6. Understand AI agents: You will gain insights into AI agents, understanding their roles and how they can be utilized within journalistic workflows to automate tasks or assist in content creation.
    7. Understand Open Source and Closed Source AI: Learn about the distinctions between open source and closed source AI technologies, including the benefits and limitations of each, helping them make informed decisions about what tools to use.
    8. Ethical and Practical Applications of AI: Being a journalist involves more than just mastering the tools of the trade. We will cover the ethical considerations and practical applications of AI in journalism, helping you navigate the complex landscape of modern media.
    9. Hands-on Experience: Through practical exercises and experiments, you will have the opportunity to directly apply what you’ve learned, reinforcing your understanding and proficiency with AI tools in journalism.

    The Schedule
    This is a full day workshop, and requires time commitment (and a laptop). We’re doing this in two phases:

    • Physical Workshop in Delhi: June 14, 2024 (Friday)
    • Virtual Workshop: June 20-21, 2024 (split over two half-days)

    Both formats will provide the same comprehensive content, though the physical workshop will be more useful for you. No recordings will be made available.


    You can register by clicking on this link: Register here.

    This workshop is being organised with support from Google and Meta

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