Thursday, July 25, 2024
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    Centennial World partners with Let’s Sing on Let The Girls Game podcast

    Centennial World is gearing up to launch its first branded podcast miniseries, Let The Girls Game, on 5 June. The project will be nested within its Infinite Scroll ecosystem in partnership with Let’s Sing.

    Let The Girls Game looks into gender and gaming, the history and resurgence of Gamergate, language and culture within online communities, the future of gaming, and the significance of community-building for women gamers.

    Centennial World’s content spans internet culture and the creator economy, with 95% of its audience under 34-years-old, and 13 million monthly views on TikTok.

    Lauren Meisner, founder and director of Centennial World, said: “Gen Z seek meaningful conversations in a natural format and doesn’t want to be sold to. They expect value over advertising. So, we have co-designed a series with our listeners’ interests first. 

    “We are partnering with Let’s Sing, because of their shared passion for reaching young women interested in gaming. In doing so, we are meeting our listeners with interesting, relevant content that they expect from us.”

    Young gamers who identify as women are often overlooked and under-targeted with nearly three quarters of women reported to be playing video games, and of these almost eight in 10 playing weekly.

    Meisner added: “We’re reaching an audience of incredibly astute young women who are willing to give up 10 minutes of their commute and leisure time to brands providing they’re generous and authentic, and create content that entertains.”

    According to a McKinsey Health Institute report, young people – particularly between the ages of 12 and 27 – identify podcasts as a less toxic alternative to social media platforms, with nearly one-third of Gen Z listeners expressing concerns about the negative impact of social media on their emotional well-being.

    Let The Girls Game launches 5 June, with new episodes released every Wednesday for five weeks. Full episodes will be available on TikTok, YouTube, and Centennial World’s regular podcast feed. 

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