Saturday, July 20, 2024
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    End of Legal Battle: BharatPe and PhonePe Resolve ‘Pe’ Trademark Issue

    What’s the news: BharatPe Group and PhonePe Group settled all long-standing legal disputes regarding the use of the trademark with the suffix ‘Pe,’ as per a joint statement by the payment companies on May 26, 2024. The settlement will put an end to all open judicial proceedings between the two companies for the last five years.

    “As a next step, Parties have already taken steps to withdraw all oppositions against each other in the trademark registry which will help them to proceed with the registration of their respective marks,” said the statement.

    Delhi High Court had already concluded the dispute in 2021

    The argument between the two companies began in August 2018 when PhonePe asked BharatPe to stop using the suffix ‘Pe’ first in Devanagri script. Subsequently, PhonePe filed a case before the Delhi High Court, requesting that BharatPe stop using the suffix ‘Pe’ in English as well. The company argued that by using the suffix, BharatPe infringed on PhonePe’s trademark.

    However, the High Court in an April 15, 2021 order dismissed PhonePe’s request for an interim injunction stating that “Barring the common ‘Pe’ suffix, it cannot be said that the ‘PhonePe’ trademark of the plaintiff and the ‘BharatPe’ trademark of the defendant are confusingly or deceptively similar. As words, they are entirely different, except for the ‘Pe’ suffix. ‘Phone’ and ‘Bharat’ are not even phonetically similar.”

    At the time, PhonePe had said it would continue to pursue a trial “to defend its popular and dominant brand positioning.”

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