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    Anthony Burke’s Restoration Australia: Brisbane power couple launch new season

    In the world of architecture, Anthony Burke is something of a giant.

    As an academic, he led the department of architecture at UTS for seven years until 2017. His role now is Professor of Architecture at UTS. He also leads tour groups to examine the best buildings here and globally, has edited books and has written a long list of journals and articles on architecture.

    The ABC first harnessed his talents for hosting duties on Restoration Australia. While The Block and Grand Designs might be the best-known TV formats about homes, ABC audiences know what an addictive format Restoration Australia is.

    The sixth series doesn’t have the 7:30pm Sunday slot (Thursdays 8pm this year), but the growing iview audience will no doubt want to consume these episodes as soon as they are made available.

    Anthony Burke’s Restoration Australia: Brisbane power couple launch new season

    The Brisbane home featured in Episode 1, Season 6 of Restoration Australia

    The broadcaster has put Burke’s admirable work ethic to good use. He’s already hosted a series of Grand Designs Transformations this year, alongside his co-host Yasmine Ghoniem. Still to come later in 2024 is a series of Grand Designs Australia at its new home – ABC TV and iview.

    All shows are made by the Fremantle for ABC. The two organisations aren’t scared of a challenge. Remember the Escape from the City format which delivered 60 very watchable episodes a few years ago.

    The sixth season of Restoration Australia starts off with what Burke described as the biggest restoration project ever undertaken on the show. The Highgate Hill house in Brisbane doesn’t go close to the epic Pinnaroo build undertaken by Carolyn and Campbell last series in terms of length (they worked on their old church for seven years).

    Burke explained to Mediaweek this new season starts with the most expensive restoration project ever on the show. “The home sits on Kangaroo Point which is on the Brisbane River and looks straight down the guts of Brisbane City,” Burke told Mediaweek. “It’s a landmark building and most of Brisbane drives past to go to work in the morning.”

    Restoration Australia host Anthony Burke with homeowner Gordon on King Island in episode 2 of Season 6

    Show me the money

    Many of the restorers on the series are sheepish when it comes to how much they have actually spent on their builds. That doesn’t stop Burke from charging in with that hard question. On the first episode, he asks Brisbane “power couple” Steve and Jane Wilson gently if they would get much change from $20m? Doctor Jane Wilson shakes her head sideways, financier Steve Wilson pipes in with “it didn’t quite cost that much”.

    As Burke details the craftspeople employed to reproduce the 19th century property, it’s easy to see where the money went. To Brisbane locals it was known as the Lamb House, while the house is actually called Home.

    Time management

    When we spoke to Burke earlier this year, he detailed his ambitious TV schedule for 2024. Here we are with the second series and it’s going to plan.

    “The idea is still to have one series of Grand Designs Transformations, Restoration Australia and Grand Designs Australia each calendar year. The ABC is thinking let’s see how it goes. We might go to two series if necessary in future years and skip one format each year maybe.

    “So far we’ve got the three in this year, this calendar year. It feels like we could manage it, but let’s see how it goes.”

    When asked how Burke was going with his time management, he replied: “It’s super busy. Not very well is probably the short answer. [Laughs.]”

    The audience reaction to Grand Designs Transformations was all Burke, ABC, and Fremantle needed to keep more coming. “The response to that first season indicated we’re on to something,” he said. “We’ve got to keep this stuff coming. We’re just getting into filming now for the next two seasons.”

    The third offering in 2024 will be Grand Designs Australia later this year. As we spoke in late May, Burke explained all the houses but two had finished their builds. “We think they will be okay for this series. But they’re getting close to the line now.”

    Without wanting to give away too much at this stage of the year, Burke admitted Grand Designs Australia will have a slightly different tone at its new home.

    “We’re not going to break too much from what everyone expects. I would say it’s probably focusing on grand ideas, probably more than grand big houses. There will be some big houses too though.”

    Grand Designs Transformations hosts Yasmine Ghoniem and Anthony Burke

    Take the professor’s advice

    Burke gives a lot of advice to people working on their properties across the various series. They don’t always listen. He thinks they should.

    “People often ignore the advice to their peril. Does that pattern keep repeating this year? Yes. Yes.

    “There’s right advice at the right time. If a big mistake, like a floor plan type error has occurred, I kind of figure it’s not much point me walking on site when it’s already happened.

    “It’s best to try and keep ahead of the homeowners and give them something they can work on. Half the time, they do. They’ll listen to the advice and they’ll really try hard to action it or respond to it in some way.

    “The other half of the time, not so much. And, of course, at the end, they love what they’ve done.

    “But I think the viewer and I can see that maybe they could have ended up with a slightly better result if they had followed a bit more professional advice.”

    The new season of Restoration Australia sees Burke sharing his storytelling and building skills in Brisbane, King Island, Adelaide Hills, Manly (NSW), South Melbourne, and Wee Jasper in the ACT.

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