Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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    Google Introduces AI-Generated Creative Assets For Ads

    Google is now allowing advertisers to generate creative ad assets at scale while adhering to brand guidelines around fonts and colors using generative AI. The technology is intended to help businesses create more relevant and attention-grabbing advertising across marketing channels. “For advertising to stand out, it needs to be relevant and helpful — in fact, that’s more important than ever before. Businesses need to be on every surface with creative assets that capture people’s attention,” said Google in an official blog post.

    The announcement was made at its annual Google Marketing Live event, where the company revealed AI will be used to automatically generate creative assets like images and text for Performance Max ad campaigns that conform to advertisers’ brand guidelines. New tools will also allow editing of product images, including adding objects, extending backgrounds and cropping.

    Google is introducing immersive new ad formats powered by AI. Shopping ads will feature virtual try-ons for products, 3D visualizations, and integrated videos and product details. Interactive search ads can provide personalized recommendations to consumers based on the information they provide. Advertisers can also add their brand standards like font and color guidelines in Performance Max, as well as, provide helpful image reference points to generate new asset variations.

    For video platforms like YouTube Shorts, Google is rolling out vertical video ads, sponsored stickers, and animated image ads automatically created from product feeds.

    The company is testing incorporating sponsored ads into the new AI-generated Overview results that appear for some search queries when Google’s systems determine an AI-powered overview could be helpful.

    To improve ad performance and AI model effectiveness, Google launched Ads Data Manager, allowing advertisers to easily unify their first-party data from various sources.

    Google stated that AI is intended to assist advertisers, not replace human creativity and expertise in marketing. The company acknowledged the challenges of adopting AI and said it would continue soliciting feedback. “This technology is helping us better meet advertisers’ needs and unlock new possibilities across the marketing process, from new immersive ads experiences to high-performing creative assets,” said the blog post.

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