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    Canva introduces Canva Enterprise, Work Kits and adtech apps

    Canva introduces Canva Enterprise, Work Kits and adtech apps

    Today, visual creative technology company unveiled Canva Enterprise, a new offering for large enterprises, along with a number of other tools for businesses, including tailored Work Kits, native adtech apps and new AI capabilities.

    The announcements came at the company’s first international Canva Create event, held in Los Angeles.

    The tools are part of a dedicated effort to serve teams across large organizations, helping them produce visual assets and simplifying creative work. Within the last two years, the company introduced Visual Suite and launched multiple B2B campaigns to support its AI-powered Magic Studio suite.

    Canva boasts 185 million monthly active users and is used by teams in 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

    Canva Enterprise. Canva Enterprise is a subscription offering for large businesses that comes with sophisticated admin controls and security, ensuring assets remain on-brand.

    The admin controls allow leaders to manage which teams and individuals have access to visual elements and templates in the Canva library, as well as how those assets are shared externally.

    Enterprise-level security in Canva Enterprise includes Canva Shield, a collection of trust and safety tools that includes, in some cases, indemnification for AI-generated content.

    Subscriptions are priced according to the size of the organization. Enterprise customers can increase seats with scalable cloud storage and create multiple teams, each with their own controls.

    “Each department uses an array of tools, creating complexity for admins managing control and access across an organization,” Canva’s head of product Rob Kawalsky told MarTech. “Canva Enterprise is a way for large organizations to bring together all of these capabilities and centralize all of the different teams they have using Canva, with more control.”

    Brand management. Kawalsky explained: “Managing brand IP and creating a clear visual identity is essential, and we wanted to make it easy for organizations to set design approval requirements, or limit teams to only use content that’s ready for commercial use. Canva Shield is Canva’s robust approach to safety and privacy for all customers and it’s an important part of our Canva Enterprise offering, too. For additional peace of mind when designing using our AI-powered Magic Studio products, we also provide indemnification to eligible enterprise customers at no additional cost.”

    Canva marketing Work Kit. Image: Canva.

    Work Kits. Canva Work Kits bring together tools, templates and instructions tailored to specific teams in an organization. The kits place all of these resources on a single page. Currently the company has Work Kits available for marketing, HR, sales and creative teams, with more kits in the works for additional teams.

    Within the Work Kit for marketing and creative teams, users can set up and access a brand kit (brand colors, logos and layouts) with brand management tools. Templates and instructions allow team members to create campaign briefs, social media posts and post-campaign reports. They can also find apps in the Work Kit and access workflow integrations that currently include Monday, Asana, Frontify and with work management tools.

    “Since we introduced the Visual Suite in 2022, we’ve observed new ways teams are using Canva, from HR to finance to sales,” said Kawalsky. “We wanted to make it easy for people in all professions to see and access the full power of Canva, in a way that’s tailored to their most common tasks and needs.”

    AI-powered Photo Editor in Canva. Image: Canva.

    AI updates. Since launching in October 2023, Canva’s Magic Studio has been used 6.5 billion times, according to the company.

    New tools and updates to Visual Suite and Magic Studio AI products include:

    • Magic Media: Text to Graphic, which generates graphics, icons and illustrations in a variety of styles from a text prompt.
    • Magic Design, generating higher-quality presentations with improved AI design technology.
    • Resize and Magic Switch, which convert any design to any custom doc. The user can enter a prompt, or choose from new options like a video script, LinkedIn post, or presentation outline. 
    • Styles & Layouts allows users to apply brand colors and templates to an entire design in just one click.  
    • An AI-powered photo editor that gives the user the ability to seamlessly move, remove or edit any object in an images as if editing a Canva template.
    • Upgrades to Video include AI-powered highlights that cut a selection of clips from longer videos and Enhance Voice, which makes audio crystal clear by reducing background noise.

    “Our focus is on adding AI where it’s most useful and removing tedious tasks that slow teams down. So at Canva Create, we’re upgrading Magic Studio with a range of new features designed to accelerate the editing process and workflows,” Kawalsky said. “Our AI tools are powered by a mix of proprietary models, models from partners like OpenAI and RunwayML (with our own customizations built on top), and third party apps from our developer partners. This allows us to constantly evaluate and upgrade the mix of technology we’re using, which is to say that our AI tools are always improving.”

    Adtech. Canva also introduced native adtech apps built in partnership with Google, Meta and Amazon to help businesses create launch-ready ads. The new apps provide instant feedback on designs and easy access to approved copy and image assets, as well as templates for ad creation.

    Why we care. Many marketing processes, especially brand-related ones, involve departments outside of marketing. This means easy-to-use platforms for visual design and other functions that involve specific teams outside of marketing can help increase efficiency across an organization. Canva’s rollout of enterprise tools aims at increasing this efficiency, while providing controls that big brands require. Integrations with work management systems like Monday indicate that Canva doesn’t aim to replace the workflow but augment and simplify it.

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