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    How 10’s new season of Taskmaster maintains an Australian identity

    Taskmaster Australia’s co-host Tom Cashman believes the new cast of comedians gives it a unique identity, despite its origins as an adaptation from the UK format of the same name.

    “We try not to go too hard on how Aussie we make our tasks, because we feel like our comedians are more than capable of bringing that Aussie flavour to a format that’s not originally Australian,” he tells Mediaweek

    “I don’t go hard with Australian references because it’s all about how the comedians are showing the different ways they think, and because they are Australian, it brings that uniqueness to the show.”

    Premiering tonight, 23 May, at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 Play, Taskmaster Tom Gleeson and his assistant Cashman will put Anne Edmonds, Jenny Tian, Josh Thomas, Lloyd Langford and Wil Anderson through their paces with a string of challenges that reward innovation, berate stupidity, and promise laughs. 

    The show sees the Taskmaster set the tasks that lead the cast of comedians to go head-to-head in a battle of comedy to complete them and bag the highest points. 

    How 10’s new season of Taskmaster maintains an Australian identity

    Cashman says that the improv nature of the show is what makes it stand out amongst the crowd of comedy programs. 

    “A big part of the show is that you can’t prepare, and I think what makes good comedy is authenticity, and that’s seen on the show,” he said.

    “Viewers get to see the real value of comedians and how they problem solve and figure something out. To see what they come up with under time pressure is something audiences love because it’s so on the spot.

    “As myself a comedian and a comedy fan, that’s what sets the show apart, watching someone actually under the pump while trying to be funny at the same time, it’s not easy.”

    Taskmaster is produced for Network 10 by Avalon/Kevin & Co. The show premieres on 23 May at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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