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    Adobe unveils Adobe Express for Enterprise

    Adobe unveils Adobe Express for Enterprise

    Today, Adobe announced Adobe Express for Enterprise, enabling businesses to streamline and accelerate content creation while remaining on-brand.

    Adobe Express for Enterprise is powered by Adobe Firefly Image Model 3 and serves as a hub for using Firefly genAI tools. 

    The company also announced Generative Remove in Adobe Lightroom, allowing content creators of all stripes to use genAI features for photos.

    Adobe Express, currently priced at $9.99 per month, became available as a mobile app last month.

    Adobe Express for Enterprise. The new enterprise hub allows users across marketing, sales, communications and other teams to quickly access, create and repurpose branded content. Adobe Express for Enterprise is integrated with Adobe Acrobat, Creative Cloud and AEM Assets.

    Adobe Express for Enterprise will also be integrated in the forthcoming Adobe GenStudio, according to the company.

    Early adopters include Dentsu, Red Hat, Owen Jones and IBM.

    Dig Deeper: Adobe GenStudio: 3 key questions answered

    Brand controls. Firefly Image Model 3, which powers Adobe Express for Enterprise, allows users to upload reference images and generate new images from them. Enterprise customers also have IP indemnification when using Firefly, indicating that a company’s intellectual property will be respected when the customer uses Firefly.

    To keep creative assets consistent and on-brand, users have template locking and style controls that help manage how assets are re-used and who gains access to those assets.

    Adobe Express for Enterprise’s easy-to-use tools allow non-marketers to convert assets into GIFs, remove backgrounds from images, generate QR codes and repurpose assets in order to create social media posts, videos, banners and presentations.

    The platform is interoperable between Photoshop and Illustrator. An Adobe Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot is also in the works, according to Adobe.

    Generative Remove in Adobe Lightroom. This Lightroom feature allows creators to use Firefly genAI capabilities for editing photos.

    Users can remove unwanted objects in a photo with a single click. The tool also allows marketers and advanced creators to quickly retouch photos professionally.

    Other new tools and features now available in Lightroom include:

    • Lens Blur, now generally available, which seamlessly adds blur effects to any part of a photograph and now includes all-new automatic presets 
    • Expanded tethering support for new cameras including the latest Sony digital cameras – such as the Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7R V – which means access to photos in Lightroom Classic in real-time
    • HDR Optimization enables anyone capturing photos to edit and export their photos with brighter highlights, deeper shadows and more vivid colors
    • Instant access to photo libraries in Lightroom mobile and desktop apps
    • Lightroom’s all-new mobile editing experience

    Why we care. One of the keys to brand consistency is having a single controlled place for all teams to work on and access creative. Firefly’s genAI creative powers now have an enterprise-grade anchor to make sure that off-brand assets don’t get released into the wild. Also, the availability of Firefly tools for millions of Lightroom users means that if an organization is considering adopting Firefly, there’s a good chance some people on the team are already using it for personal photos and side hustles.


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