Friday, July 12, 2024
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    Why does everyone seem to be re-thinking B2B marketing?

    Why does everyone seem to be re-thinking B2B marketing?

    For years, B2B marketing largely revolved around a performance marketing strategy focused on collecting MQLs and using marketing automation to nurture leads until they were ready to buy. At its best, this strategy was measurable. Using martech applications, marketers and their leadership could easily track leads, monitor conversions and predict pipeline.

    At its worst, this strategy fostered bad habits. Marketers needing to meet an MQL goal could gate more assets and send more emails, attracting people interested in the content, but not necessarily ready to buy. And in the process of doing so, a lot of noise was created.

    As the B2B tech economy slowed following the COVID-19 pandemic, many marketing voices started questioning whether it’s time for fresh look at B2B marketing. They’re asking questions like:

    • Are we too reliant on marketing automation and the tactics built on it?
    • Are we paying too little attention to brand marketing in favor of performance marketing?
    • How effective is intent data at identifying leads that are entering the buying cycle?

    Join MarTech Editorial Director Mike Pastore and MarTech contributors Liam Maroney and Jay Mandel for a conversation about the state of B2B marketing and whether it’s time to re-think the model in favor of something different.

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