Thursday, July 25, 2024
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    ‘Comprehensive understanding’: MFA releases update to media agency industry guide

    The MFA has launched the latest update to The MFA Guide, an introductory resource for media newcomers navigating their careers in an ever-changing and complex industry.

    Written by 22 current media agency professionals, the updated version covers how media agencies work, the journey of a brief, through to an in-depth analysis of each channel, and more.

    The MFA Guide includes new sections on influencer marketing, gaming, experiential, and evolving audio platforms, as well as the most recent case studies of effective campaigns to demonstrate the impact of media agencies in delivering long-lasting results for marketers.

    Linda Wong, MFA director of people, said: “In a dynamic and constantly moving media landscape, media agency employees need to know more than ever before.

    “Packed with the latest developments across channels, audiences and marketing needs, The MFA Guide provides the ultimate foundational knowledge for anyone working in the media industry.

    “For newcomers, it offers a comprehensive understanding of the purpose and value of media agencies, as well as the vast array of career opportunities available to them.”

    Originally developed a decade ago for the Tertiary sector, The MFA Guide’s audience continues to grow, encompassing media owners and clients, while remaining a key resource for lecturers and students learning about the media industry.

    Katherine Pochroj, group marketplace director at EssenceMediacom, called the new MFA Guide a great resource for covering channels, audience insights, and more.

    “Particularly for those just starting in media, it’s a solid overview of the critical role and significance of media agencies and the amazing industry they have joined,” she added.

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    Top Image: Media industry professionals involved in putting together the content for The MFA Guide

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