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    The Facebook Live Toolkit: Expert Tips for Small Businesses, Marketers, & Creators

    In 2016, Facebook unleashed a game-changer: Facebook Live. This feature opened the door for brands and creators to interact in real-time with their audiences like never before.

    With just a few taps, anyone could broadcast live video, instantly connecting with followers and fostering a sense of community around their brand.

    Since its debut, Facebook Live has evolved into an indispensable engagement tool, offering a unique blend of authenticity, immediacy, and interactivity. According to an article published by Meta, people spend 3x more time watching a Facebook Live than a traditional video.

    But what exactly is Facebook Live? How can you leverage it to grow your brand and connect with your audience? 

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Facebook Live, covering everything from the basics to advanced strategies for creating a memorable live session.

    Get ready to discover how this powerful feature can transform your Facebook marketing efforts and increase audience engagement.

    What is Facebook Live?

    The Facebook Live Toolkit: Expert Tips for Small Businesses, Marketers, & Creators
    Source: Meta Newsroom

    To put it simply, Facebook Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast live video directly from your Facebook profile, page, or group.

    But it’s so much more than that. Think of it as your follower’s backstage pass, giving them access to unscripted moments, answers to their burning questions, and an exclusive peek behind the curtain of your brand.

    That’s the power of Facebook Live. It transforms generic marketing into a more authentic, engaging experience – a much-needed change in today’s world of simulated perfection, creating genuine connections with your audience.

    The types of content that shine on Facebook Live

    The beauty of Facebook Live is that you can use a variety of engaging content types. This can include:

    • Product launches: Generate buzz and anticipation by unveiling new products or services live. Give viewers a first look, answer questions on the spot, and create a sense of exclusivity.
    • Q&A sessions: Host AMAs or “Ask Me Anything” sessions to connect directly with your audience. Address their concerns, share your expertise, and build trust by discussing feedback (both positive and negative).
    • Behind-the-scenes glimpses: Take your followers on a virtual tour of your workspace, introduce team members, or showcase the making of your products. This adds more authenticity to your brand and allows you to forge a deeper bond with your audience.
    • Live events: Stream conferences, workshops, or performances to reach a wider audience. Offer exclusive content to viewers who tune in live and create a sense of community.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The possibilities are endless. You could host live tutorials, conduct interviews, or share breaking news. It doesn’t even have to be about your business or products. You can simply chat with your followers and share relatable stories that happened during your day.

    Why you need Facebook Live

    Facebook Live essentially levels the playing field. Unlike traditional advertising, which requires a significant budget, Facebook Live is accessible and affordable for everyone.

    It offers a direct line to your target audience, where you build an authentic and loyal following, and showcase your products or services in a way that’s both engaging and informative.

    By going live, you can instantly capture attention and spark conversations. The interactive nature of Facebook Live can drive even more engagement, as viewers can ask you questions, share their thoughts, and feel like they’re part of the action.

    This can translate to increased brand loyalty and a higher likelihood of converting viewers into customers.

    Whether you’re using it to showcase new products, offer exclusive promotions, or run live sales, this platform provides a powerful way to drive sales and generate revenue.

    By using the immediacy and excitement of a live video, you can tap into your follower’s impulse to buy and create a sense of urgency that encourages viewers to take action. 

    How to go live on Facebook

    Are you ready to go live and connect with your audience? It’s easier than you might think! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do Facebook Live like a pro:

    1. Select the “Live Video” option: Look for the live video icon (a camera with a “Live” symbol). Click or tap on it to initiate the live-streaming process.
    1. Choose your broadcasting platform: Decide whether you want to go live from your personal profile, business page, or group. Each option caters to a slightly different audience, so choose the one that best aligns with your current goals.
    1. Start a live video or schedule one: Next, you need to decide if you want to start a live video on the spot or schedule one. Let’s assume you want to start one right away.
    1. Click “Go live”: When you hit “Go live,” you’ll be greeted by an interface that allows you to set up your livestream. For now, let’s tackle the basics.
    2. Select a video source: Select where you want to stream from. You can stream directly from your webcam or a connected external camera or from a streaming software.
    1. Check your camera and microphone: Ensure your camera and microphone are working properly. You can usually test them within the live video setup.
    1. Add details about your live: This includes a title and description. Don’t worry—we’ll give you tips on crafting titles and descriptions that will surely capture your followers’ attention.
    1. Adjust your privacy settings: Determine who you want to see your live video. You can choose to share it with everyone, with friends only, with specific groups, or even keep it private.
    1. Hit “Go Live!”: Once you’re ready, tap the “Go Live” button. Facebook will take a few seconds to process, and then you’ll be broadcasting live to your audience!

    Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you go live, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become. 

    Creating engaging Facebook Live content

    While starting a Facebook Live isn’t exactly rocket science, it still requires a touch of planning and creativity. Here are some insider tips to make your live streams shine:

    1. Plan your content

    First and foremost, establish a clear purpose for your live stream. What do you hope to achieve? Are you looking to boost brand awareness, promote a product, or simply connect with your audience? Defining your goals will help you tailor your content and messaging accordingly. Once you know your “why,” brainstorm topics that align with your objectives and resonate with your target audience.

    Also, don’t just wing it. While spontaneity is part of the charm, a loose script or outline will keep you on track and ensure a smooth flow. 

    2. Don’t underestimate visuals

    Don’t just talk – show! Use graphics, images, or short video clips to break up your presentation and make it more visually appealing. Visuals can help illustrate your points, add humor, or simply provide a change of pace. If you’re streaming from a streaming software, you can also add overlays to your live session.


    You can share your screen to show video clips, slides, or a process you’re teaching. Go back to the “Go Live” interface and under camera controls, you’ll find “Start Screen Share.”

    Another important consideration is your surroundings and lighting. A well-lit, visually appealing background enhances the viewing experience and keeps viewers engaged. 

    3. Tell a story

    People connect with stories. Weave narratives into your live streams to make them more relatable and memorable. Share personal experiences, customer testimonials, or behind-the-scenes glimpses to capture your viewer’s attention and play to their emotions.

    4. Encourage participation

    Encourage viewer participation. Ask questions, solicit feedback, and respond to comments in real-time. Use polls, quizzes, or contests to gamify the experience and keep viewers actively involved. 

    In the “Go Live” interface, you’ll find an “Interactivity” button in the left sidebar. 

    From there, you can add polls or questions to your stream.

    Promoting and optimizing Facebook Live streams

    You’ve crafted the perfect Facebook Live content, but how do you get people to tune in? Here are some tips for promoting and optimizing your livestreams for maximum reach and engagement. 

    Promote your Facebook Live

    Don’t forget to spread the word about your upcoming Facebook Live. Share teasers, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and reminders on your other social media channels to build anticipation and attract a larger audience.

    • Tease your audience: Create short, attention-grabbing videos or posts that hint at what’s to come in your live stream. Share them across your social media channels to pique interest and build anticipation.
    • Schedule and announce: Utilize Facebook’s scheduling feature to create a pre-event page for your live stream. This allows you to set a date and time, share details about the content, and gather RSVPs.
    • Cross-promote: Spread the word across all your online platforms. Share links and reminders on your website, blog, email newsletter, and other social media accounts.
    • Collaborate: Partner with other businesses, influencers, or creators to cross-promote your live stream. This expands your reach and introduces your content to new audiences.
    • Run contests or giveaways: Incentivize viewers to tune in by offering exclusive prizes or discounts to those who watch your livestream. This can boost engagement and attract a larger audience.

    Optimize your Facebook Live session

    To maximize the impact of your Facebook Live session, optimize every aspect. 

    Craft compelling titles and descriptions that are clear, concise, and incorporate relevant keywords. This will not only accurately reflect your content but also attract viewers who are interested in your topic. For example, instead of “Going Live Now,” use something like “Live Q&A: Get Your Beauty Questions Answered with Expert [Your Name]!

    Additionally, create an eye-catching thumbnail image that accurately represents your live stream and makes it stand out in the newsfeed. A visually appealing thumbnail will entice users to click and join your broadcast. If you’re a clothing brand, you can feature a collage of stylish outfits featuring your latest line.

    Don’t forget to include a strong call to action during your live session. Direct viewers to specific actions, such as visiting your website, subscribing to your email list, or making a purchase. This helps convert the engagement generated during your live stream into tangible results for your business or brand.

    You can also review the analytics of your past live streams to identify what worked well and what could be improved. To do this, go back to the “Go Live” interface and go to “Dashboard” on the left sidebar. From there you’ll find an “Insights” section.

    In the Insights section, you will find the number of viewers, likes or reactions, comments, shares, and clips your live session got.

    Engaging with your audience during Facebook Live

    Building a vibrant community starts with real-time interaction. Engaging your audience during your Facebook Live is crucial to creating a memorable and impactful experience. Here’s how to master the art of live chat interaction:

    • Welcome viewers: Start your live stream by warmly greeting viewers as they join. If possible, acknowledge them by name and thank them for tuning in. But don’t feel pressured to acknowledge them one by one; otherwise, it might take the whole stream.
    • Ask questions: Spark conversation by asking open-ended questions related to your topic. Encourage viewers to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences.
    • Use a moderator: For larger audiences, consider having a moderator to help manage the chat, answer questions, and filter out any inappropriate comments. To add a moderator, go back to the dashboard and look for “Manage on second device.” You’ll find a link that you can send to your moderator.
    • Create a sense of community: Encourage positive interactions between viewers to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Highlight interesting comments or questions and create a space where everyone feels heard and valued.

    Responding to comments and questions

    Actively monitor the chat feed and respond promptly to comments and questions to maintain momentum. A timely response shows viewers you value their participation.

    When responding, strive for authenticity and a personal touch. Use your natural voice and personality, avoiding any robotic or scripted interactions. A conversational tone makes your audience feel more involved. Addressing viewers by name further personalizes the experience and makes them feel recognized.

    While acknowledging comments is important, keep your responses concise and relevant.  Avoid long conversations that may derail your broadcast. Address the question or comment directly, then move on to the next interaction to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.

    Get more Facebook Live views

    A combination of organic and paid strategies can be effective in driving views for your Facebook Live sessions. You can boost visibility by scheduling your broadcasts in advance and promoting them across your other social media channels.

    Using relevant hashtags and engaging with your audience both before and after the live session can also help attract more viewers. You can even encourage your viewers to share your Facebook Live session by picking one lucky sharer to win a prize.

    For a more immediate impact, consider paid strategies. Facebook Ads allow you to target specific demographics and interests, ensuring your live stream reaches those most likely to engage with your content. Additionally, services exist where you can buy Facebook Live views

    Downloading and repurposing Facebook Live videos

    Just because your live session is over doesn’t mean you should let all that content gather dust! Facebook Live videos are a content goldmine.

    They can be downloaded, repurposed, and transformed into various forms of content that you can post on your newsfeed and other platforms.

    Here’s how to download your Facebook Live video

    1. Locate your video: Navigate to your Facebook page or profile, find the “Videos” tab, and select the live video you wish to download.
    2. Access video settings: Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the video.
    1. Download your video: Select the “Download Video” option. Choose the desired video quality and file format (usually MP4). Your video will begin downloading to your device.

    You don’t even have to trim it outside of Facebook since it already has clipping and trimming features. Once you end your live, a “Distribution” tab will appear in the left sidebar.

    Once you’ve downloaded your live video, here are some ways you can repurpose it for content:

    • Social Media Snippets: Edit short, engaging clips from your live stream and share them on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Tease upcoming content or highlight key takeaways to attract viewers.
    • Blog Posts or Articles: Transcribe your live video and turn it into a blog post or article. This can boost your website’s SEO and provide valuable content for your readers who might not follow you on Facebook.
    • Podcasts or Audiograms: Extract the audio from your live video and repurpose it as a podcast episode or create audiograms (short videos with audio snippets and animated visuals).
    • Email Marketing Campaigns: Embed snippets or links to your live videos in email newsletters or promotional campaigns to drive traffic and engagement.
    • Paid Advertising: Use edited clips from your live videos in paid advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience and showcase your brand’s personality.

    Troubleshooting Facebook Live issues

    Even with the best preparation, technical hiccups can happen during Facebook Live. Don’t panic! Here are quick solutions to some of the common issues you might encounter when going live:

    1. Poor video or audio quality
      • Check your internet connection: Ensure you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
      • Adjust video settings: Lower the video quality in your live stream settings to reduce buffering.
      • Restart your device: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary glitches.
    2. Video not showing up
      • Clear cache and cookies: If you’re using a web browser, clearing cache and cookies might help.
      • Update Facebook app: Ensure you’re using the latest version of the Facebook app.
      • Check your streaming software: If you’re using streaming software, make sure the problem isn’t from there. 
      • Check camera permissions: Verify that the Facebook app has permission to access your device’s camera.
    3. Audio is not working
      • Check microphone settings: Ensure the correct microphone is selected and unmuted.
      • Check audio permissions: Verify that the Facebook app has permission to access your device’s microphone.
      • Restart your device: A restart can sometimes resolve audio issues.
    4. Unable to go live
      • Check Facebook Page Roles: Ensure you have admin or editor access to the Facebook page you’re trying to go live from.
      • Check Facebook Live restrictions: Facebook may have temporarily restricted your ability to go live due to policy violations. Review their guidelines to ensure compliance.

    How to Contact Facebook Support for assistance

    Facebook doesn’t offer direct live chat support for troubleshooting live stream issues. However, they do provide a robust Help Center with articles and resources to address common problems. You can also give feedback or report issues through the “Give feedback” button in the left sidebar in the Live producer.

    If you have a business account, you can also access live chat support in the business help center. However, this chat support is more specific to Facebook Ads. Go to the Business Help Center, scroll down to the “Still need help?” section and press “Get started.”

    Success Stories with Facebook Live

    Discover how businesses and creators are leveraging the power of Facebook Live to achieve remarkable results:

    1. Marc Rebillet – Monetizing live streams with Facebook stars

    Electronic musician Marc Rebillet found immense success using Facebook Live to connect with fans and monetize his music. By establishing a consistent schedule for his live streams, he created a sense of anticipation and community among his audience. 

    During these sessions, he actively involved fans by taking song suggestions and incorporating them into his performances, allowing them to join his creative process. To extend his reach, Rebillet cleverly shared shorter clips from his live streams on Instagram, driving traffic back to his Facebook page. 

    He also used Facebook Stars, a virtual gifting feature, allowing fans to directly support his work during live streams. This proved to be a lucrative income source, demonstrating the potential of monetizing live content. Additionally, Rebillet effectively used Facebook Live to promote his shows.

    According to Rebillet, “Two-hour live streams every Sunday, usually during the afternoon, where I would make music, take calls from fans and have fun. After the live stream was over, I’d add a hyperlink in the video description to my ticket website. We ended up selling out all but one of the shows.”

    Rebillet’s success story underscores the importance of consistency, audience interaction, and cross-promotion for thriving on Facebook Live.

    2. Rachel Holmes – Facebook Live fuel fitness coach’s success

    Source: Facebook

    When the COVID-19 pandemic forced gyms to close, fitness coach and mentor Rachel Holmes turned to Facebook to maintain and expand her business.

    She discovered a winning combination of Facebook Live workouts and paid online events to engage her audience, generate revenue, and solidify her brand as a leader in the online fitness space.

    Holmes started by offering daily live workouts on her Facebook Page, showcasing her expertise and providing free value to her audience. These sessions quickly gained traction, attracting viewers eager to stay active and connected during lockdown.

    To maximize participation, Holmes promoted her live workouts through Facebook and Instagram Stories, as well as targeted messages to her engaged WhatsApp community.

    While the live workouts helped maintain visibility and community engagement, Holmes needed to monetize her offerings.

    Like Marc, Rachel used the power of Facebook Stars. This proved to be a game-changer, generating significant revenue at the comfort of her home.

    3. Cheese Therapy – Facebook Live fuels cheese business’s explosive growth

    Cheese Therapy, a small business founded by passionate cheese enthusiasts Sam Penny and Helen Shadforth, has become a lifeline for Australian cheese makers during challenging times.

    Their innovative approach, particularly the use of Facebook Live, has propelled their success and supported the artisan cheese industry.

    In February 2020, Cheese Therapy launched the Therapy Box, a curated selection of cheeses from a bushfire-affected cheesemaker.

    Leveraging the power of Facebook Live, Sam conducted engaging cheese-tasting seminars at each new box launch, fostering a vibrant online community of cheese lovers from around the world. The response was overwhelming, with sales exceeding expectations by 3900%.

    The unprecedented growth of Cheese Therapy is largely attributed to the tools and reach provided by Facebook. Sam’s Facebook Live cheese-tasting seminars have garnered over 3000 viewers, further solidifying the brand’s connection with its audience.

    The company’s success story demonstrates the power of community engagement in supporting small businesses and promoting local artisans.

    Final thoughts

    Facebook Live is a powerful tool that can transform how you connect with your audience and build brand awareness.

    From understanding the basics to crafting engaging content, promoting your live streams, and troubleshooting technical issues, you now have a comprehensive guide to conquer this exciting platform.

    Remember, the key to success with Facebook Live is to be authentic, creative, and interactive.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats, topics, and approaches to find what resonates best with your audience. The more you go live, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become.

    So what are you waiting for? Step into the spotlight and embrace the power of real-time connection with Facebook Live. T

    ake the knowledge you’ve gained from this article, put it into practice, and start creating live videos. Your audience is waiting!

    Additional Resources

    Here are some resources from Facebook that you may find helpful:

    These are just a few of Facebook’s many resources to help you get the most out of Facebook Live.


    How do I get to Facebook Live?

    To access Facebook Live, open the Facebook app and tap on “What’s on your mind?” as if you are creating a new post. Among the options, you’ll find “Live Video.” Tap on it, and you’ll be taken to the Live setup where you can adjust settings before going live.

    Can anyone watch Facebook Live?

    Depending on your privacy settings, anyone on Facebook or just your friends may be able to view your Facebook Live video. When setting up your live stream, you have the option to choose who can see it. You can make it public, visible only to your friends, or even restrict it to specific people.

    Why can’t I go live on my Facebook new account?

    Facebook may have restrictions on new accounts going live to prevent spam and misuse. After using your account for a while and interacting with others, you should gain access to the Live feature.

    Why can’t I go live on my Facebook group?

    Facebook group admins can control who can go live in their groups. If you are not an admin or haven’t been given permission, you won’t be able to go live directly in the group. However, you can go live from your profile or page and share the live video to the group.

    What are the best settings for Facebook Live?

    The best settings depend on your specific needs. Generally, using 1080p resolution with a good internet connection provides optimal video quality. You can also adjust settings for privacy, audience restrictions, and comments.

    What is the best time to do Facebook Live?

    The best time depends on your target audience and their habits. Weekdays during lunch breaks or evenings tend to have higher engagement. Analyzing your page’s insights can give you more accurate data on when your audience is most active.

    How long can a Facebook Live last?

    Facebook Live videos can last up to 8 hours. However, the optimal length depends on your content and audience engagement. Shorter, engaging videos often perform better than excessively long ones.

    What are the benefits of going live on Facebook?

    Facebook Live allows you to connect with your audience in real-time, building a stronger sense of community and interaction. It increases engagement and can expand your reach as Facebook often prioritizes live videos in news feeds.

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