Thursday, July 25, 2024
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    TV Report 15 May 2024: ABC’s Gruen returns to tackle Foxtel’s Hubbl campaign

    TV Report 15 May 2024:

    Nine TV Report

    Ski Rescue Downunder

    Nine aired Ski Rescue Downunder, as the start of the season brought thousands of guests to Mt Hutt. Opening day celebrations were cut short by a series of high-drama mishaps on the ski slopes. 

    A Current Affair

    Over on A Current Affair, the program spoke to big Aussie names calling on the nation’s wealthy to donate $300 for energy rebate and met with a little girl in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant to save her life. 

    Seven TV Report

    The Front Bar

    The Front Bar welcomed Michael McLean as they shared a laugh about the world of AFL and caught up with stars of yesteryear and today, ahead of the tenth round of the AFL 2024 season.

    Home & Away

    Earlier in the night was Home & Away as Remi and Bree navigated new loves and John encountered stage fright before his TV debut.

    10 TV Report

    The Project

    The Project on 10 spoke to Treasurer Jim Chalmers as he explained the budget for viewers and also chatted to Comedian Ari Shaffir and stars of the new film IF, Ryan Reynolds & Cailey Fleming. 

    MasterChef Australia

    On 10’s MasterChef Australia, it was time for the chaotic, colourful and feared race that is the Team Relay. Teams of four cooks tag-teamed their way to plate a cohesive dish and win immunity.

    NCIS: Sydney

    NCIS: Sydney also made its free-to-air debut last night, originally premiering on Paramount + in 2023.



    On 7:30, critics questioned the Victoria government’s decision to invest millions in a US stratospheric exploration company as the state’s debt levels grow. 


    Gruen returned last night to discuss the Hubbl campaign featuring Hamish & Andy. Wil Anderson was joined by Todd Sampson, Camey O’Keefe and Karen Ferry.


    Alone Australia

    A dangerous storm hit the contestants, testing their resilience and shelter. 

    The Titan Sub Disaster: Minute by Minute

    The Titan Sub Disaster concluded last night as the program revealed the fate of the passengers on board the Titan submersible.

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