Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    News Corp D_Coded 2024: Shoppable ScrollX and Targeted Time in View

    News Corp Australia has advanced its advertising solutions with the launch of Shoppable ScrollX and enhancements to Targeted Time in View (TTIV). 

    Both Shoppable ScrollX and an enhanced Targeted Time in View were unveiled at D_Coded, the company’s annual digital marketing event.

    The Shoppable ScrollX ad format converts content into a dynamic virtual storefront. Through a full-screen mobile experience, customers can purchase products within editorial content. Early testing of the format saw a 37% higher click-through rate than existing ScrollX ads, according to Google Ad Manager records from July to November 2023. 

    Managing director of client partnerships Lou Barrett said Shoppable ScrollX and the enhanced TTIV “are changing the game.”

    “The real benefit is that your customers are able to shop right from the point of inspiration.”

    Shoppable ScrollX is powered by technology from Vudoo and Bonzai, and works with Intent Connect’s new BuyNow segments. 

    These segments are designed to capture real-time shoppers by identifying digital traffic which is actively researching related products, making sure brands reach the right audience at the right time.

    Managing director of client product Pippa Leary said the move “isn’t just about technology – it’s about understanding consumer behaviour and creating advertising experiences that are both valuable and enjoyable.”

    News Corp Australia has also made enhancements to its TTIV solution, working to allow advertisers to deliver high-impact video and display experiences that are tailored to user interests.

    The updated solution elevates video and display advertising with contextual targeting, placing brand messages in relevant, trusted environments. Adaptive video streaming within TTIV delivers quick load times and smooths out playback, increasing the impact of an advertiser’s message.

    “Our commitment to data-driven insights and innovation fuels these solutions,” director of commercial data, video and product Paul Blackburn said. “We’re helping advertisers navigate a privacy-compliant cookieless future with confidence.”

    Top image L-R: Barrett and Leary

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