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    A track record and plan for growth: Ryvalmedia on tapping into affiliate marketing’s meteoric rise

    Melbourne managing director Joseph Pardillo says Ryvalmedia is in a “unique position to grow and optimise our clients’ revenue”.

    Affiliate marketing presents an opportunity for brands to expand their online presence, reach new customers, and drive sales with a cost-effective strategy to maximise return on investment (ROI), according to Ryvalmedia Melbourne managing director, Joseph Pardillo.

    ”This is only going to expand as more Australians are turning to shopping online,” Pardillo said.

    Ryvalmedia is a digital-first marketing and media specialist with a particular focus on performance, data, and analytics. Founded and led by former dentsu boss Simon Ryan, the business has offices across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

    Last September, Pardillo announced the agency’s media partnerships and affiliates team alongside the appointment of Pooja Aggarwal as the lead for client partnerships and affiliates. 

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    The decision to establish the partnerships and affiliates unit stemmed from identifying strategic growth potential in affiliate marketing during major e-commerce events and promotional periods. Aggarwal leads the team in analysing data around product sales, customer purchase patterns, basket value, and other related inputs that will help deliver business optimisation and insights for clients.

    The first client to sign on was the Australian-based online marketplace MyDeal, which experienced boosted revenue streams when it  implemented a new affiliates management platform.

    According to Aggarwal, partnering with Ryvalmendia led to the addition of more than 30 revenue-driving partners in the program for MyDeal, representing over $2 million in revenue via new partnerships since the partnership began in August 2023. 

    This represented an average growth of 12% per month year on year, despite what Aggarwal referred to as “tougher market conditions.”

    One of these tough conditions, and a challenge facing Ryvalmedia, is an  “underlying saturation in the market.”

    “A  few new performing players are joining this space, with some renowned companies shut down last year – this makes it difficult to register year on year growth. Additionally, consumers are looking for more value for their money with little to no affinity towards a single brand,” Aggarwal explained.

    “Diversification of the partner mix, focusing on quality companies, improving campaign mechanics, optimising partnerships, and truly aligning our message to what consumer needs is a solution to this challenge.”

    In response to these hurdles, Ryvalmedia collaborates closely with clients to optimise exposure, commission structures, rates, and co-funding opportunities across the Australia and New Zealand markets. 

    This is in addition to  managing the relationships with affiliate networks and partners such as and Commission Factory, as the team works to boost engagement and maximise return on ad spend.

    Pardillo reflected on this, adding that Ryvalmedia has, “a track record of proven success with our existing clients, strategic partnerships, a continuous learning approach, and long-term relationships with affiliate partners and networks.

    “This places us in a unique position to grow and optimise our clients’ revenue and presence in market.”

    Top image L-R: Pooja Aggarwal and Joseph Pardillo

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