Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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    AI-powered martech releases and news: May 9

    AI-powered martech releases and news: May 9

    This week saw the annual release of The Martech Landscape which has 14,106 “tools,” an increase of about 3,000 from last year. 

    Please read Kim Davis’ excellent analysis of what that does and doesn’t mean. 

    A closer look at the 3,000-ish new tools underlines that point. No fewer than 77% are genAI-based and more than half of those relate to content creation. I am going to stick my neck out and say that we are not seeing thousands of newly developed, independent large language models here. What we are seeing is a lot of specialist apps incorporating ChatGPT or something similar into their solution and presenting it as geared to a specific, narrow purpose.

    Kim Davis

    And now, here are this week’s AI-powered martech releases and news.

    • Wix.com’s AI Portfolio Creator lets users create and showcase an online professional portfolio. It uses in-house AI image clustering technology and the latest AI models to enable users to professionally display media online by inputting only a few words. Users select the type of portfolio they would like to create and upload the desired work to showcase. Once selections are made and images are uploaded, the AI Creator generates project options with clustered images, suggested titles and descriptions, and shows customizable layout options. 
    • Freepik, a design platform with audio-visual resources and generative AI tools, acquired Magnific, an AI image upscaler, enhancer and transformer tool.
    • GNANI.AI’s Voice-First SLM (Small Language Models) for its conversational AI platform is trained on millions of audio hours of proprietary audio datasets, and billions of Indic language conversations, capturing the rich diversity of dialects, accents, and linguistic nuances prevalent across the country. 
    • Sanity’s Sanity Create is an AI-assisted writing solution designed for content teams. It integrates large language models, rich contextual data from existing assets and real-time collaboration capabilities into one workspace.
    • Yellow.ai’s Orchestrator LLM is a chatbot agent that determines the most suitable next step while engaging in personalized, contextually aware conversations.
    • Typeface’s Typeface Arc is an adaptive AI storyboard that learns your brand and suggests marketing or HR campaigns (without needing a prompt). It can generate all of the associated, on-brand content — from emails and blogs to social media posts, SMS messages, etc. It learns and adapts to performance data and real-time feedback.
    • Sprinklr’s Sprinklr Surveys is an AI-powered survey integrating unsolicited feedback sources to help derive actionable and complete insights. It also has an AI-assisted survey builder, conversational surveys powered by AI and can analyze survey results.
    • SAAS Local’s new website video engagement tool uses an AI chatbot to enhance visitor engagement. It lets users record a video greeting or inform customers of special offers and provides real-time responses to visitors’ inquiries.


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