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    oOh!media highlights the role of offices and airports in reaching Australian professionals

    New research from oOh!media, ‘A Professional Perspective’, has shone a light on the importance of both offices and airports when it comes to reaching affluent business professionals.

    The report by strategic consumer insights consultancy, Nature, surveyed 997 business professionals and business owners who earn more than $100k. These people were surveyed in key areas across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. 


    The report found that 83% of business professionals say in a world that has embraced hybrid working, the office remains a hub for community, productivity and connection.

    C-suite executives spend an average of 78% of their week in the office, which equals 3.9 days.

    71% believe businesses function better with everyone working in the office, compared to 34% of non-managerial roles. 

    Three quarters of respondents said being in the workplace gave them a sense of community and connection. 58% enjoy going into the office.

    Professionals showed a strong inclination towards luxury goods, with brands like Cartier, Chanel, and Tiffany & Co being listed in particular. This is combined with a notable preference for shopping in CBD areas post-work.

    On both ends of the spectrum, a quarter of office workers shop for luxury brands monthly, and a similar proportion shop at grocery stores near their offices weekly. 


    82% of people surveyed expressed a passion for travel – the highest of any other category including Movies & TV and Health & Fitness. 

    93% of C-level executives are more likely to travel for work, a number which dips slightly to 84% for senior managers.

    Two-thirds of professionals fly for work, a number expected to either remain steady or increase. Qantas is the top choice for the majority of business travellers, with Virgin in second.

    Importantly for brands advertising in these spaces, more than a third of these travellers have access to an airport lounge, and 80% of C-level executives. 

    Seven in ten people prefer spending their time in lounges over other airport locations, and will stay for an average of 40 minutes.

    Bel Harper, executive group director, product strategy, oOh! noted that half of business professionals get brand recommendations from colleagues in the office, and a quarter shop for luxury brands each month in CBD locations. 

    “This social connectivity extends to airports where business travel integrates with work and leisure time, with 70% enjoying the time they spend in airport lounges, using them to speak with their peers because of extended dwell times.”

    oOh!media highlights the role of offices and airports in reaching Australian professionals

    Bel Harper presenting at oOh!media’s A Professional Perspective event in Sydney

    Cost of Living

    The cost of living and housing affordability crises haven’t missed Australian professionals, with 76% saying they are concerned about the cost of living, including 40% who are extremely concerned.

    Housing affordability impacts 69% of the surveyed professionals. Data security is also a concern, with 57% at least slightly worried about the safety of their personal information.

    Harper added: “Through this major piece of research, we can provide invaluable insights to our clients and agencies by giving them a clearer understanding of how business professionals spend their time on their commutes, when they are in the office and when they travel for work, enabling brands to more effectively capture this affluent audience.”

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