Friday, July 12, 2024
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    Meta introduces enhanced image and text generative AI tools for advertisers

    Meta has launched its enhanced generative AI tools and services for advertisers as part of its Advantage+ suite to help improve ad performance, automate parts of the ad creation process, or increase credibility and engagement, which will be rolled out across Australia and New Zealand over the coming months.

    Naomi Shepherd, group industry director at Meta, told trade media press at a roundtable at the tech giant’s Sydney headquarters that the tools are being grouped together within Ads Manager under the Advantage+ suite of products.

    “What that means, essentially, is that all of the automation and AI that are driving an advertiser products, and are also fuelling creative content production as well.”

    Meta introduces enhanced image and text generative AI tools for advertisers

    Naomi Shepherd

    Meta’s new generative AI features for advertisers include Image Generation, which allows users to create full image variations inspired by original ad creative. There are text overlay capabilities, plus the ability to generate new backgrounds around product images and expand images to better fit multiple surfaces.

    In the coming months, advertisers will be able to use text prompts without an existing asset to help make creative production more seamless and efficient.

    Image expansion is a feature that uses a brand’s image or colour palette and allows advertisers to adjust creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across Meta’s multiple surfaces, such as Reels and Feed across both Instagram and Facebook.

    “These things are designed to make creative production a lot more seamless, a lot more efficient for advertisers. The fact that it’s housed within that Advantage suite of products that we aim for the creative that’s generated to be matched up with the AI powered tools to enhance your performance,” Shepherd added.

    In addition to the new generative AI features for advertisers is Text Generation, which creates variations on both the ad headline and primary text, reflecting the different brands’ voices and tone.

    Shepherd noted that this feature will be matched with Llama 3 technology which is the tech giant’s latest large language model.

    “This has come from advertiser feedback, where they’ve said, ‘we like the text generation, that’s helpful. But actually, we’re looking for more customisable features that actually start to understand the way that we would speak to our customers as a brand or a business.’ This now starts to allow you to do that, as a business – adopt your brand’s tone of voice based on previous campaigns, and instantly generate the text fuel the copy for your ads.”

    Also rolling out across Australia and New Zealand is Meta Verified for businesses. Shepherd said: “We’ve been gathering feedback from businesses and advertisers that are using this that it’s not really a one size fits all approach.”

    She explained that there will be four different levels of support based on the business’ journey. “All businesses will get access to the blue tick or the verification account support, impersonation protection, and varying level of needs based on what they’re doing on our apps and services.”

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