Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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    Ola Krutrim Launches AI Assistant App, Unveils Full Stack AI Platform

    Krutrim, Ola Founder Bhavish Aggarwal’s AI startup, launched a mobile app for its AI assistant on May 4, Financial Express reported. The app was among other offerings announced by the company, including Krutrim Cloud, providing access to large language models, AI compute infrastructure, and location services APIs.

    The company aims to develop full-stack AI capabilities to allow enterprises, researchers, and developers to develop new-age technology products at a fraction of current costs, Aggarwal said.

    “One of the key offerings is Model-as-a-Service (MaaS), which will give developers access to Krutrim’s foundational language models and open-source models hosted on its cloud. Krutrim Cloud will also offer GPU-as-a-Service, allowing enterprises and developers to train, fine-tune, and serve their AI models on state-of-the-art computing infrastructure,” the Financial Express report said.

    Aggarwal also announced what he called Krutrim’s “public stack”: “We are announcing an early stack, launching our AI cloud infrastructure for startups, we have built our own cloud infra to train our own models and we will open it out to the community.”

    Additionally, the company also announced a Maps API upon which startups can build their local and hyperlocal services.

    More on Krutrim AI

    The AI assistant in question is built on the company’s own family of Large Language Models, trained on 2 trillion tokens of Indian language data. The base model can also write in 10 Indian languages and understand 20 languages. The model was announced on December 15, 2023, while its beta version went public in February.

    After it became public, several reports of Krutrim giving inaccurate or misinformed answers came to light. One of them was where the AI model claimed that it was created by OpenAI as opposed to Ola. There were some other interesting answers put out by the model which you can check out here.

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