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    Spotlight on UK beauty influencers for your brand

    The rise of influencer marketing has revolutionized how brands interact with their audiences in the United Kingdom–particularly in the creative, visually-centric beauty sector.

    From PM skincare routine YouTube videos to makeup product reviews on Instagram, beauty influencers in the UK set trends and impact consumer behavior. Their authentic connections with followers on social media make them essential for brands aiming to impact the beauty industry domestically and even globally.

    Tapping into collaborations with content creators offers brands a unique opportunity to amplify their message within the UK beauty scene. Let’s explore some of the top UK beauty influencers, and we’ll guide you through the essential considerations for finding and forging successful brand partnerships.

    What is a beauty influencer?

    A beauty influencer is a content creator who specializes in sharing their insights on beauty products, techniques and trends through social media platforms. While some influencers cover a broad range of beauty topics (and can sometimes overlap as fashion influencers), others zero in on specific niches such as hairstyling, nail art, dermatology or natural beauty solutions.

    These influencers use their skills to gain their audience’s trust, making them ideal brand partners. Through promotional campaigns, a brand’s style and target audience can align with the influencer’s reach and authority.

    The UK beauty influencer landscape

    Beauty influencers in the United Kingdom are diverse, reflecting the wide range of styles, preferences and demographics found across the country.

    Influencer marketing has a powerful hold across generations in the UK. A 2023 Statista survey revealed that an impressive 84% of Gen Z individuals engage with influencers, with more than two-thirds of millennials also tuning into their content. And our 2024 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report found that beauty influencer content resonates with women across age groups.

    If your brand is considering a collaboration with a beauty influencer, here are a few strategies for success to consider:

    Analyze audience demographics and engagement

    Start by identifying age groups, interests and preferred digital platforms of your target audience so you can design a campaign that resonates more effectively. From there, get insight into the demographics and engagement patterns of those following UK beauty influencers.

    This strategy helps you pinpoint influencers who resonate with your audience’s preferences. By aligning closely with what your audience values, you cultivate trust and a sense of community. This strategic alignment can transform initial curiosity into concrete purchases.

    Identify key beauty influencers in the UK using Tagger

    An influencer marketing platform like Tagger by Sprout Social will help you find leading beauty influencers in the UK, streamlining the process of finding influencers whose reach and relevance can amplify your brand.

    More specifically, Tagger allows you to ensure an influencer’s audience perfectly matches your brand’s target demographic. This tool helps you source influencers based on a specific set of criteria and relevant locations. It uses social data to help you dive deep into industry trends, scrutinize social content and analyze influencer posts and profile information. With these insights, you can develop a compelling influencer marketing strategy that’s tailored to your needs.

    Spotlight on UK beauty influencers for your brand

    Evaluate the authenticity and credibility of beauty influencers

    When influencers are truly invested in their niche, their authenticity shines through in their content, making their endorsements more believable and impactful. Gauging the credibility of an influencer goes beyond checking their number of followers or likes. It involves looking at the consistency of their content, the quality of their follower engagement and their history of partnerships or endorsements.

    What to consider when choosing UK beauty influencers

    To ensure a fruitful collaboration, let’s quickly review the core aspects to weigh when selecting a UK beauty influencer to represent your brand.

    1. Audience demographics and relevance to your brand

    Choosing an influencer whose audience demographics closely mirror your brand’s target market is essential for a winning collaboration. This helps your marketing resonate with the influencer’s followers, who are more likely to be interested in your products or services.

    2. Engagement metrics: quality over quantity

    Prioritize quality engagement over sheer numbers when evaluating an influencer’s reach. High engagement rates are a testament to a devoted audience. Familiarize yourself with the important metrics to track influencer marketing success to get a true measure of interaction

    3. Alignment with your brand values

    Selecting influencers whose values align with your brand’s ethos is key to creating a genuine connection with your audience. Their content should naturally complement your brand, going beyond aesthetics to embody a voice that echoes your core values and mission.

    4. Consistent compliance with Advertising Standards Authority regulations

    Brands working with UK influencers must adhere to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulations, which guarantees that marketing and advertising practices are both honest and ethical. Essentially, compliance involves disclosing sponsored content or affiliate links in collaborative content to ensure transparency.

    5. Consider the influence on sentiment

    Evaluate a beauty influencer’s true impact by their ability to positively shift consumer attitudes towards your brand. Those with smaller, dedicated followings often excel at fostering a stronger, more positive brand sentiment compared to larger influencers whose connections may not be as deep.

    6. Assess influencer reputation for brand safety

    An influencer’s reputation carries weight and can significantly impact your brand positively or negatively. It’s vital to select influencers with a solid track record of responsible and positive behavior, as any missteps on their part post-collaboration could tarnish your brand’s image.

    Top beauty influencers in the UK

    Here are some of the top UK beauty influencers that showcase a range of styles and areas of expertise:

    Atarah Mayhew – @atarah

    • Instagram: 669K
    • TikTok: 1M
    • YouTube: 4.43M

    Atarah Mayhew is a top beauty influencer who is particularly celebrated for her eye makeup tutorials on TikTok where she skillfully ranges from everyday looks to bold expressions. Her content uniquely merges makeup artistry with costume design and is often inspired by themed attire, capturing the imagination of her audience.

    Atarah Mayhew giving a mermaid makeup TikTok tutorial

    Sophie – @soph

    • Instagram: 450K
    • TikTok: 1M
    • YouTube: 437K

    Sophie has captured an audience with stunning makeup creations, step-by-step tutorials, and genuine product reviews. Her channel is a treasure trove of luxury beauty hacks and lifestyle vibes. Sophie uses her fresh and authentic perspective on beauty to create standout sponsored content for brands eager to connect with makeup enthusiasts.

    Screenshot of Sophie's Instagram profile

    Jamie Genevieve – @jamiegenevieve

    • Instagram: 1.3M
    • TikTok: 384.6K
    • YouTube: 991K

    Scottish Jamie Genevive has captivated over three million followers with her transformative makeup tutorials on YouTube, earning herself a spot in Forbes 30 under 30. Her dynamic presence on platforms, especially after launching her brand Vieve in 2020, cements her as a major player in the UK beauty industry.

    A photo grid of Jamie Genevive's Instagram

    Shab & Kassie – @official_kassie__

    • Instagram: 352K
    • TikTok: 4.7M
    • YouTube: 3.98M

    At just 6 years old, Kassie is being hailed as the ‘world’s youngest makeup artist’. She’s taking TikTok by storm with her makeup skills, which she showcases on her mom, Shab. Her ability to contour, blend eyeshadow, and apply falsies has not only garnered acclaim from top beauty brands but also embodies her belief that makeup is a boundless canvas for creativity.

    Instagram post of Kassie applying eye makeup on Shab

    Lydia Fowler Mua – @lydiafowler

    • Instagram: 473K
    • TikTok: 305.7K
    • YouTube: 3.98M

    Lydia Fowler stands out in the UK beauty sphere for her signature style that balances natural grace with sophisticated flair in makeup. Her approachable content and mastery in understated elegance make her popular on Instagram and a coveted partner for brands targeting beauty aficionados.

    Grid of makeup videos on Lydia Fowler's TikTok

    Patricia Bright – @patriciabright

    • Instagram: 1.1MM
    • TikTok: 282.9K
    • YouTube: 2.78M

    Patricia Bright has become a YouTube sensation, amassing a following by sharing compelling beauty, fashion and lifestyle content along with easy-to-follow tutorials. Patricia’s entrepreneurial journey inspired her to launch Uwa, a hair care line born from her personal battles with postpartum hair loss and her daughter’s sensitive skin. This venture highlights her dedication to tackling beauty challenges head-on.

    Patricia applying hair product in an Instagram post

    Frankie Darling – @frankieedarling

    • Instagram: 215K
    • TikTok: 212.4K

    Frankie Darling is popular for her vibrant, artistic makeup looks on Instagram and TikTok, amassing a large following that is passionate about her vegan and cruelty-free beauty ethos. Frankie’s expert technique, coupled with a commitment to ethical practices and indie brands, makes her a go-to influencer for those seeking conscious beauty inspiration.

    Frankie Darling in a makeup tutorial TikTok

    Beauty influencers over 40 in the UK

    Many 40+ millennials use social media. Likewise, these influencers prove that beauty influencing is for all ages.

    Caroline Hirons – @carolinehirons

    • Instagram: 737K
    • TikTok: 13K
    • YouTube: 253K

    Caroline Hirons is a top UK beauty influencer thanks to her candid, no-nonsense skincare advice and vibrant energy. She breaks the mold at 51 in a youth-centric industry, leveraging her 37 years of expertise to become the go-to skincare authority for audiences both young and old.

    Caroline Hirons applying lip product on Instagram

    Lisa Eldridge – ​​@LisaEldridge

    • Instagram: 1.9M
    • TikTok: 1M
    • YouTube: 4.43M

    Lisa Eldridge, a distinguished makeup artist for A-list celebrities and high-profile fashion shows, is a top UK beauty influencer and TV personality. Her professional tips and genuine product recommendations catapulted her YouTube channel to fame, making her a pioneering figure in offering insider beauty knowledge online.

    Lisa Eldridge in a YouTube tutorial holding a brow brush

    Mia Mauge – @miamauge

    • Instagram: 96K
    • TikTok: 6187

    Mia Mague stands out as a leading UK beauty influencer by championing age inclusivity. She’s transforming the narrative around menopause and aging with her vibrant approach to middle-aged living. With her expertise in style and partnerships with major brands, Mia proves that fashion and grace are ageless.

    Instagram post of Mia Mague in the London tube station

    Cher Webb – @cherwebbmakeup

    • Instagram: 527K
    • TikTok: 37.6K
    • YouTube: 12.5K

    Cher Webb, a beauty editor at Liberty London, gained an Instagram following for her insider makeup artist tips. She shares these tips through easy-to-follow photos and videos, covering everything from skincare essentials to the latest in lip and nail trends. Known for demystifying beauty, Cher uses her professional expertise to teach and inspire.

    Instagram video of Cher Webb holding a makeup product

    Nicola Chapman Haste – @nicolachapman

    • Instagram: 577K
    • TikTok: 38.5K
    • YouTube: 2.03M

    Nicola Chapman Haste, one half of the sister duo that propelled Pixiwoo to YouTube success and co-creator of the Real Techniques brush line, has revolutionized online beauty with her accessible makeup tutorials and products. Her continued influence shines through her regular updates on YouTube and Instagram, cementing her status as a powerhouse in the UK beauty scene.

    Nicola Chapman holding a brow pencil in a YouTube video

    Male beauty influencers in the UK

    Male beauty influencers are reshaping the beauty conversation. Here are our favorite ones to follow:

    Samuel Bentham – @samrascals

    • Instagram: 961K

    Geordie Shore alum Sam Bentham has carved out a niche as a leading UK hair influencer with his bold approaches to men’s barbering and grooming. He often posts photos and videos on Instagram showcasing his barbering techniques, making him a sought-after collaborator and ambassador for brands.

    Screenshot of Samuel Bentham's Instagram grid

    Wayne Goss – @gossmakeupartist

    • Instagram: 697K
    • TikTok: 113.7K
    • YouTube: 4M

    Wayne Goss stands out as a key UK beauty influencer for blending over 15 years of industry expertise with his own brush line to demystify makeup artistry on YouTube. His honest product reviews and transformative tutorials have amassed a loyal following that watches for his practical advice and professional insights.

    Wayne Goss holding bronzer and a brush in a YouTube tutorial

    Jake Jamie – @jakejamie

    • Instagram: 634K
    • TikTok: 2.4M
    • YouTube: 204K

    Jake Jamie, “The Beauty Boy,” reshapes beauty norms with his quick, inclusive reviews on TikTok and Instagram. His viral watermelon mask and #MakeupIsGenderless campaign have put him in the industry spotlight, which has led to him becoming an ambassador for beauty brands like L’Oreal UK.

    Jake Jamie applying a facemask in a TikTok video.

    Andrew Fitzsimons – @andrewfitzsimons

    • Instagram: 996K
    • TikTok: 40.3K

    Andrew Fitzsimons, the Irish-born hair maestro, has become a major UK beauty influencer by styling A-listers like the Kardashians and launching an accessible haircare brand at Boots. His blend of celebrity collaborations and practical advice shared on Instagram has solidified his influence in the beauty world.

    Instagram photo of Andrew Fitzsimmon and Khloe Kardashian posing together on a red carpet

    Mitchell Halliday – @mmmmitchell

    • Instagram: 1M
    • TikTok: 779.1K

    Mitchell Halliday shines in the UK beauty industry with his vivid makeup creations and widely recognized masterclasses. His influential Instagram presence, coupled with the launch of his cosmetics brand Made by Mitchell, showcases his blend of creative genius and entrepreneurial flair.

    Mitchell Halliday massaging face in Instagram video screenshot

    Micro beauty influencers in the UK

    There are several underrated micro influencers whose connection with their audience makes them worth a follow. Here are five up-and-coming creators on our radar:

    Lex Gillies – @talontedlex

    • Instagram: 40K
    • TikTok: 117
    • YouTube: 2.92K

    Lex Gillies is a rising UK micro beauty influencer who uses content to advocate for rosacea awareness and skin positivity. She frequently posts short, informative videos on her social accounts and is an ambassador for the British Skin Foundation, making her a pioneer for sensitive skincare and genuine skin representation.

    Lex Gillies Instagram profile.

    Tom Smith – @tomsmithhd

    • Instagram: 53.5K
    • TikTok: 98.5K
    • YouTube: 7.93K

    Regarded as the ‘The Hairvoyant’ by leading publications like Glamour and The Sunday Times, dynamic hairstylist and entrepreneur Tom Smith has made a mark as a micro beauty influencer. His trend forecasts and savvy advice have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram, and through dedicated YouTube influencer marketing efforts, he continues to expand his brand’s reach.

    Tom Smith's Instagram post about being featured in The Sunday Times

    Isra – @iz_alwaysglowing

    • Instagram: 9,326
    • TikTok: 1027

    YouTube: 91Isra, known online as iz_alwaysglowing, is a standout in the beauty and skincare space as her handle suggests. She already has a large presence on Instagram and TikTok where she has collaborated with leading brands like Sephora and L’Oréal Paris. Her passion for makeup draws followers to her accounts where they watch her tutorials and product reviews.

    Makeup tutorial video previews by @iz_alwaysglowing

    Lauren Carmen – @laurenncarmen

    • Instagram: 4,434
    • TikTok: 1263
    • YouTube: 21.8K

    Lauren Carmen may be the next go-to Instagram creator for understated glam. She uses her social accounts as a platform to share videos with fresh beauty tips, hair care solutions, and hairstyle ideas (particularly for long hair). Not to mention, her makeup tutorials and glimpses into her lifestyle add to her allure.

    Lauren Carmen styling her hair in an Instagram video post

    Aamirah Essof – @abrowngirlrecommends

    • Instagram: 34.7K
    • TikTok: 1588
    • YouTube: 48

    Aamirah Essof, aka @abrowngirlrecommends, is capturing the UK’s beauty scene with her unique focus on inclusivity and self-taught nail artistry. Her engaging and down-to-earth content shared mostly in short video format offers a relatable perspective that’s making an impact with the UK beauty community.

    A Instagram Reel featuring @ABrownGirlRecommends reviewing a nail polish brand.

    Find success with UK beauty influencers

    The UK beauty influencer scene is teeming with opportunities for brands to engage with passionate audiences. However, the influencers we highlighted in this article represent just a glimpse into the vast talent pool that exists.

    To truly find the perfect match for your brand, you need to comb through the landscape to find those who fit your brand best. To make it easier, use an influencer marketing tool. These tools help you pinpoint creators who not only align with your brand’s values and target demographic but also share a strong affinity with your brand ethos.

    This strategic approach ensures you develop authentic, impactful marketing campaigns that elevate brand presence and foster deep customer engagement.

    Ready to start? Here are ten influencer marketing tools that streamline end-to-end campaign management.

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