Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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    Marketo April 2024 releases: Webinar enhancements, Activities API update and more

    Marketo April 2024 releases: Webinar enhancements, Activities API update and more

    The April releases for Adobe Marketo deliver enhancements to existing features and changes permissions for both users and administrators. Audit Trail enhancements are also on the way, though they haven’t been released at this time.

    Here’s what Adobe released for Marketo users in April.

    Interactive webinar enhancements

    You can now provide hosts and presenters with the ability to add a webinar title or rename a room.

    Also, a new “Sync Now” button on the program Overview page allows you to pull engagement data from Adobe Connect to populate the Dashboard tab in Marketo, rather than waiting for this data to populate within two hours of the webinar’s completion.

    Why it’s a win: Real-time customization and reporting is key. Giving hosts and presenters the ability to update your webinar title or rename a room can eliminate bottlenecks if last minute changes need to be made before going live with your webinar. You’ll also be able access engagement data on demand for gathering insight on your audience.

    New user and role permissions

    New permissions are available, giving users more granular access within Marketo. Additional admin areas, such as New Experience and Predictive Audiences, will now have separate permissions. Access to Asset Audit Trail and Admin Audit Trail can also be granted separately.

    Why it’s a win: Users with access to the Asset Audit Trail can track down the timing and source of recent edits to assets in Marketo. This access can now be provided separately from the Admin Audit Trail, which is better suited for Admin users.

    Dig deeper: The content supply chain is ‘a mess’: Can Adobe help fix it?

    Activities API Update

    If your organization utilizes the Marketo REST API to retrieve activity data, you’ll now have access to additional data attributes, such as Browser, Platform, Device and User Agent (see tables, below). These can be accessed by calling the Get Activity Types endpoint to gather attribute details for each activity.

    Web-based activities

    Email-based activities

    Why it’s a win: For organizations using a third-party BI tool for reporting, this enhancement will allow you to further slice and dice your Marketo activity data to gain insight into how user engagement varies by browser, platform, device and user agent.

    Audit Trail enhancements

    Coming soon for Marketo users, new functionality in the Audit Trail will soon allow reporting on changes in Field Management, Users and Roles, and the count of people exported from lists and Smart Lists.

    Why it’s a win: Updates made to Field Management settings in Marketo can have significant impacts to your marketing and sales data. Admins will now have the ability to view a record of these changes in the Audit Trail.

    Why it’s another win: Ever wonder how much of your database is being exported from Marketo and floating around in .csv or Excel files? The Audit Trail will now show a record of the size of any lists or Smart Lists exported from Marketo.

    Note: This feature hasn’t shipped yet, so keep an eye out for details on availability.


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